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Alex Stevens
Biographical Information

Alex Poulos


Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Death date

April 14, 2015

Production Information

Dark Shadows
House of Dark Shadows
Night of Dark Shadows


Werewolf (640-976)

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Alex Stevens (1936-2015) was a stuntman from New York City. Born in Connecticut, he and his twin brother lived in several homes before settling in New York. He served as a stunt coordinator on the original Dark Shadows. Alex also appeared on-screen in the role of the werewolf, although he was never credited for this (only as Stunt Director). As the werewolf, Alex doubled for the characters of both Chris Jennings and Quentin Collins.

Alex Stevens also performed stunts on the 1970 MGM feature film, House of Dark Shadows and its followup, Night of Dark Shadows. In 1970, Alex was the mystery guest on a memorable episode of "What's My Line?" where he appeared in full werewolf makeup. He signed in as the Wolfman. After the panel members were allowed to remove their blindfolds, Stevens removed his werewolf makeup for the audience.[1]

Appearances as the Werewolf (23 episodes)[]

640 652 654 658 671 673 698 699 753 754 765 766 786 787 794 922 944 946 947 961 962 976


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