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Aaron Lamont is a writer and actor. He wrote the Dark Shadows audio plays The Haunted Refrain, Beyond the Grave, Deliver Us From Evil and the short story Cobwebs which featured in the collection Dreams of Long Ago. He was one of the writers of the miniseries Bloodline

He also contributed two scripts to The Tony & Cassandra Mysteries - The Mystery of Karmina Sonata and The Mystery of the Grandest Order

Lamont was discovered by Big Finish Productions in 2010 through a theatre production, Safer, written by Lamont, that was a haunting, bleak two-hander. Lamont had this to say about writing for Dark Shadows:

“Although I was only partially familiar with the series, I instantly fell in love with the character of Quentin Collins. So besides trying to create a horror story specifically designed for audio, I knew I wanted to explore his character and what was so attractive about him to me and to the series' audience.”

Lamont also appears as Antonio in The Enemy Within, Andy Gardner in Beyond the Grave and Ted Griffin in In the Twinkling of an Eye.

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