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Amy is frightened by Grant while Julia continues to pursue Charles Delaware Tate.


David awakens to Quentin’s music and recognizes Grant (even though he shouldn’t) as Quentin. Alexander is extremely evil, and so is David, and so is Liz. Julia doesn’t want Liz to let Amy & David to play with evil Alex. David threatens Amy with Quentin, who’s supposed to be gone but isn’t. David continues to act in evil ways. Upstairs, Julia finds a painting by Harrison Monroe that resembles her Tate, but was painted in 1968. Grant frightens Amy in a predictable scene. David still thinks Amy is not a Collins and taunts her with this information. A terrified Amy runs upstairs and hears Alex’s breathing, and gets a glimpse of him in his true form.

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Obviously, David and Amy shouldn't recognize Quentin.

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