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December 10, 1969


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902 Gallery
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David reads the Leviathan book and takes something to the mysterious presence at the antique shop.



Evening comes to the great estate of Collinwood, and a web of intrigue and mystery seems to be encircling the great house. In the neighboring village, Carolyn Stoddard, little suspecting that anything is wrong, runs a trivial errand, and hears a terrifying sound behind the door of a baby's room.

Carolyn walks upstairs in the antique shop to find Megan, but instead hears the sound of breathing coming from the Chosen Room. Megan opens the door, and angrily asks Carolyn what she is doing.

Act I

Megan, who appears to be a in a trance, tells Carolyn she heard nothing, and she can't go in the room because the baby is asleep. Moments later, a man is eavesdropping outside the shop as Megan and Carolyn walk downstairs. The two eventually notice him, but he continues to stare at them through the window. Carolyn tries to get a closer look, but he runs away. Then the lights go out in the store, leaving the two women in the dark.

At Collinwood, David wakes up from a nap, and sees the Leviathan Book open by itself. He begins to read it aloud. As he does, his aunt Elizabeth knocks on the door. David begins talking about Paul, much to Elizabeth's surprise. She becomes upset with him, and leaves. David locks the door, then goes through his wallet and a stash under his bed, gathering his money.

Downstairs, Elizabeth and Paul are talking on the phone. Elizabeth doesn't want to talk to him, but Paul is trying to arrange a meeting. She agrees to meet him at his hotel room later that night.

Act II

That night, David tears out a section of the newspaper and sneaks out of Collinwood. After he leaves, the man who was eavesdropping outside the antique shop enters the house. The man gazes at Barnabas's portrait, before he is forced to hide as Carolyn nearly walks in on him. After she turns off the lights and leaves, the man exits the house.

Paul Stoddard and Elizabeth are meeting at Paul's hotel room. After another argument as to why Paul returned to Collinsport, he tells her he must get Carolyn out of town immediately.


Elizabeth laughs at Paul's request, and threatens to leave unless Paul gives her some truthful answers. She asks Paul what would happen if Carolyn stayed in town. Before he can fully explain, the phone rings. Elizabeth answers it, but no one is on the other line, other than the sound of breathing. She again tells Paul to leave town before she heads back to Collinwood. After she leaves, Paul calls the hotel clerk and requests that no more calls be sent to his room. As Elizabeth exits the hotel, she notices David across the street, entering the antique shop with a package.

Elizabeth enters the antique shop, which is about to close for the night. She asks Megan where David is, but she says he isn't there. Elizabeth finally gets Megan to let her look for David.

Upstairs in the antique shop, David enters the Chosen Room. He speaks to the breathing noise, "Don't worry, I've brought you what you need." Soon after, he hears Elizabeth's voice outside the door.

Memorable quotes[]

Paul: Can't you recognize when I'm trying to be honest?

Elizabeth (to David): We'll have to do something about getting you friends of your own age!

David (to Carolyn): You know, sometimes I wish I was an orphan. Fathers do get impossible sometimes, don't they?

Paul (to Elizabeth): The famed Collins impatience! Everything must run according to YOUR timetable!

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]



  • David tears out an advertisement for Brewster's; they have a sale on.
  • Brandy was Elizabeth's favorite tipple twenty years ago.
  • Paul's room at the Collinsport Inn is number 37.
  • The Collinsport Inn is on the same street/area as the antique shop, close enough for Elizabeth to see David going into the antique shop from the inn's front door.
  • TIMELINE: Brewster's is open nights from now until Christmas.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • At the end of Act II, after Paul has told Elizabeth that she must get Carolyn out of Collinsport as soon as possible and Elizabeth asks why, Paul mouths some words, but they cannot be heard because the music stinger is playing.

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