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Beth jumps from Widows' Hill to her death.

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Collinwood in the year 1897. On this night a young woman has a learned a terrifying secret, that the mind of the notorious Count Petofi has inhabited the body of Quentin Collins. She has spent a frightening night running for her life, unaware that the very thing she is afraid of is no longer a threat to her, for Quentin Collins suddenly has had his rightful mind restored.

Beth falls off Widows Hill to her death, despite Quentin's effort to save her. Tragically, she is not aware the bodies have been restored and still thinks her would-be rescuer is Petofi.

Barnabas suggests that Quentin leave Collinsport, but he will not leave without his portrait; Barnabas suspects is in the possession of Charles Tate.

Charles paints over the portrait of Quentin. Petofi restores Charles’s artistic talent.

Quentin tricks Aristede into believing he is still Petofi and orders him to kill Petofi. Aristede stabs Petofi.

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  • There is an off-camera noise like a bucket being knocked over as Tate is painting over Quentin's portrait. Roger Davis reacts.
  • After Beth falls off the cliff and when Quentin turns around, you can see he has a leaf on the back of his coat.
  • When Barnabas asks Charles if he has Quentin's portrait, Charles directly says, "No." A couple of lines later, Barnabas says, "You haven't answered my question."
  • Charles and Aristede talk over each other's lines several times.

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