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Quentin finds he has the power of the hand of Count Petofi.

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Collinwood at the turn of the century, and this night has brought a new and staggering defeat to Count Petofi. For garbed in the body of Quentin Collins, he has made the trip to 1969 using the I-Ching. But this trip was interrupted and he was brought back to his own time when Beth discovered that the all important portrait had been stolen. And now, angry, frustrated, he must find the portrait, even if he has to reveal himself to do it.

After Quentin/Petofi's abrupt return from the future, the powers of his Hand do not work for him when he threatens Barnabas.

Meanwhile Petofi/Quentin is shocked to find his Hand has power over Kitty when he "fakes" an attempt to help her! A jubilant Barnabas finds the real Quentin to tell him that Petofi's powers are weakened, and now is the time to regain his body.

While that attempt is made, Josette appeals to Kitty to relinquish her body so that Josette can live.

While Petofi puzzles over why his ability to use the power of the Hand is diminished, Pansy Faye reveals to Beth that Quentin is possessed by Petofi, instructing that Beth will receive proof if she warns Quentin that the gypsies are about to capture Petofi, which Beth does, to her horror.

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Kitty: Kitty Soames calls you Mr. Collins, and tells you to leave the room. But Josette -
Barnabas: Josette calls me Barnabas, and wants me to stay.

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