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Count Petofi and Edward make Barnabas watch the sunrise to prove he is not a vampire.


Collinwood at the turn of the century is a place of violent conflicts. The evil Count Petofi has taken over Quentin Collins' body. And to prevent Angelique from helping the real Quentin, who is trapped in his, has taken her prisoner. But now Angelique has escaped, and on this night Petofi's servant Aristede will believe that the pits of darkness have opened and sent a dead man forth.

Quentin (Petofi) reads to Edward the portion of Ben Stokes's journal that pertains to the romance between Barnabas and Josette Collins, pointing out that Josette's spirit poses a danger to Kitty Soames.

Barnabas is taken to Dr. Reade for treatment, and Quentin (Petofi) and Edward go to his office to question Barnabas and wait for dawn--but, he is unaffected by the sunlight. Barnabas relates a seemingly incredible story in which he is recently come to Collinsport from England, to be set upon by an identical vampire who then stole his identity and fed upon him.

Edward and Quentin take Barnabas to the coffin and they are shocked to find the vampire is still there, staked through the heart.

Memorable quotes[]

Edward: (looks at his pocket watch, about Barnabas to Quentin) In a few minutes it will be dawn. And when it is, we'll be able to prove to Dr. Reade, just as I told you, that he is not as innocent as he claims.

Count Petofi: (about Barnabas) Dead or not, his shadow continues to fall on many people in this house.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]



  • TIMELINE: 6:37am: It will be dawn in a few minutes.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • A bit of dialogue redundancy occurs in the scene at Dr. Reade's office when Edward is trying to dissuade Count Petofi from shooting Barnabas. Louis Edmonds says the following line twice: "In a few minutes it will be dawn. When the time comes, we'll be able to prove that he's not as innocent as he says."
  • The chains on Barnabas' coffin are not locked. [Addendum: This is not a blooper. Angelique had broken the lock in the previous episode. When Edward and Quentin see the unlocked chains, they immediately assume that Barnabas has escaped his coffin and that the Barnabas they are holding at gunpoint is him.] But after Angelique broke the lock, Quentin and Aristede attached them again.
  • Typical error by new cast members; Dr. Reade refers to Collinwood as Collinswood.
  • In yesterday's episode, Barnabas' coffin opened the other way.
  • Edward and Quentin know that Kitty took Barnabas's ring, yet neither one of them seem to notice he's wearing it.

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