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Gregory returns to Collinwood and is shocked to find Judith with her power of attorney back.


Collinwood at the turn of the century holds new evil. For Count Petofi has placed his mind in Quentin's body, and Quentin, trapped in Petofi's doomed body, conceives a plan. A plan which if it works, will change the course of history.

Evan calls Quentin (Petofi) to his home for the ceremony; Petofi (Quentin) drugs him and Evan and Petofi (Quentin) begin the ceremony. Evan tries to switch the minds into the correct bodies. Petofi (Quentin) goes blind and the switch fails, Petofi (Quentin) is still the same.

Edward tells Judith that Trask brought a woman to Collinwood while she was gone. Quentin (Petofi) leaves the house to meet with Evan.

Trask is home and lies about visiting Judith. Edward leads him on, not telling him Judith is home. Edward lets him go upstairs and he meets Judith on the steps. Edward tells her of Trask's story. Edward listens at the door as Trask tells Judith that he did not visit her on doctors orders. She tells him she has her power of attorney back and they are going to concentrate on helping Charity.

Evan is digging a grave. Quentin (Petofi) sends Petofi (Quentin) away then declares he is going to bury Evan alive.

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  • A year ago, Quentin was not a bachelor.
  • Dr. Melon and Dr. Sinclair were treating Judith.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • At the end of the previous episode when Count Petofi, inhabiting the body of Quentin, arrived at Evan's house, he knocked on the door by rapping slowly seven times. Once inside, the chair Evan pulled out for Quentin to sit on had a rail back topped with an elaborate carving. In the reprise of this sequence, Quentin knocks using six rapid knocks, a pause, then eight more quick raps, and the chair Quentin is offered is upholstered.
  • Petofi (in Quentin's body) says, "Perhaps it will discourage you from listing...friends to your cause." The word was obviously supposed to be "enlisting." David Selby clearly hesitates after mispronouncing the word but then continues.
  • Stage lights are visible in the graveyard.

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