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Count Petofi, now inhabiting Quentin's body, attempts to fit in at Collinwood without anyone noticing.


Collinwood at the turn of the century. On this night Count Petofi has arranged a horrifying substitution. He has trapped the mind of Quentin Collins in his own ungainly body. To everyone who looks at him this man is Quentin Collins, but in fact the mind within is that of the evil Count Petofi.

Quentin (Petofi) attempts to fit in at Collinwood without anyone noticing. Edward plans to marry Kitty. Petofi (Quentin) tries to convince Edward that he is really Quentin; Edward does not believe him. Aristede finds a woman to test the I Ching wands; shortly after entering the trance she turns into a skeleton.

Memorable quotes[]

Edward (to Trask): Blast your ledger! You can't run Collinwood like a boarding school!

Edward: What is it? Is there something wrong?
Quentin (in Petofi's body): Something is terribly wrong. Edward… I am Quentin. (Edward pours a drink.) Do you hear me? I am Quentin! Edward, you can forget about the brandy.
Edward: I assure you, if you were Quentin, you wouldn’t forget about the brandy.

Wanda: It sounds coo-coo, goin' through a door that ain't there.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • Only appearance of Karen Lynn as Wanda Paisley.


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • When Wanda throws the I Ching wands, all six sticks seem to land black-side-up. However, when Quentin rearranges the sticks, only four of the six sticks are now black side up.
  • As Wanda goes into a trance, there is a cough heard offstage.
  • When Wanda dies, her skeleton appears with glass eyes and a wig; while a wig is possible (if Wanda were bald, for example), it seems rather farfetched that she had glass eyes. Also, the wig hair is black - Wanda's hair was brown.
  • When Quentin and Edward are in the drawing room discussing Edward marrying Lady Hampshire, there is a loud noise offstage.

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