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Count Petofi delights in his new body, while Quentin languishes in his.


Collinwood near the turn of the century. All who live in the great house have come to know the terror that can be inflicted by Count Petofi. But no one knows it better than Quentin Collins, who this night is menaced by the most terrible of Petofi's powers.

Count Petofi and Quentin's minds switch bodies. Quentin (Petofi) tells Petofi (Quentin) that he will be using his body to travel to the future. Petofi reveals that Quentin's portrait has conferred immortality on his body.

Petofi (Quentin) tries to convince Magda that he is really Quentin, but she doesn't believe him; later Beth does not believe him either.

Memorable quotes[]

Quentin (in Petofi's body): I don’t believe this is happening. It’s a nightmare I’m having!
Petofi (in Quentin's body): Oh, but it is happening! Quentin — your mind and spirit are now in the body of Count Petofi, and my mind and spirit are in the body of Quentin Collins.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • Final appearance of character Magda Rakosi; her voice will be heard for the final time in 887.


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • When Magda comes out of the bushes and trees as Petofi/Quentin approaches, her shawl catches on a branch, and she has to take it mostly off to proceed.
  • After Count Petofi, his body now inhabited by the mind of Quentin, puts on the eyeglasses and grabs Aristede, a loud sneeze is heard coming from off camera. [It sounds like Grayson Hall .]
  • When Quentin/Count Petofi is chasing Aristede for his glasses, the two collide into a "brick" wall, which shakes and bends under their weight.
  • If Count Petofi has the power to switch bodies with someone since getting his hand back, why does he need to travel to the future to escape the gypsies? He's already in a different body, so would be unrecognisable to them. [Perhaps he is trying to double his odds by switching bodies and time.]

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