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October 3, 1969


September 23, 1969


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Count Petofi invades Quentin's mind as Beth and Aristede have a power and loyalty struggle.


Collinwood in the year 1897, a time of terror and intrigue when all who entered the great house were affected by the evil of Count Petofi. On this night Quentin Collins is aware that something strange and frightening is happening to him and he is desperately trying to find out what it is. But there is only one man who knows what his ultimate fate will be, Count Petofi himself. Now in an abandoned mill not far from the Collins estate he will enter into a strange ritual which could be the beginning of the end for Quentin Collins.

Petofi begins to initiate the mind-switch with Quentin; Magda becomes suspicious after Quentin inexplicably fears and does not recognize her.

Beth tries to figure out what Petofi's doing, to Aristede's amusement. The one clue Aristede reveals is that the most diabolical thing that could happen to a human being is going to happen to Quentin.

Quentin goes to The Blue Whale and chats up the despondent Pansy, who flirts with him shamelessly. Aristede continues to needle Beth, who remembers Quentin's apologies to her (839). Pansy and Quentin sing, dance, and play piano.

Magda goes to the Mill, where she tells Beth that Quentin is in danger. After ruminating for some time, Beth runs out of the Mill. Beth goes to Collinwood and tries to wake Quentin up. She fails.

Memorable quotes[]

Petofi: Quentin Collins! Your will must bend to mine, and there shall be no resistance! For I am the fire and the air, the water and the earth! I am the light of all the stars! Listen, and you shall hear the rustling of the leaves in a thousand trees, telling you that the winds of change have come upon you!

Quentin (under Petofi's influence): Stay away from me, gypsy! Don’t you come near me, do you hear? I know what you want, but you’re not going to get it!

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Boom mic is visible above Petofi’s head as he sits down to meditate

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