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Count Petofi prepares Quentin for a spell that will change both of their fates.

Synopsis Edit

Collinwood, the turn of the century, and in the great house there is an ominous air in every action. It is as if those who live here have lost their ability to tell what is evil and what is not. And so, Count Petofi offers to take all of Quentin's cares away, and for once, Quentin does not question Petofi's motives.

Petofi visits Quentin and, offering to take all Quentin's cares away, renders Quentin unconscious in an intimate ritual. The ritual is a mind switch. When Quentin wakes, Petofi's ring has been transferred to Quentin and he can not remove it.

Kitty, continuing to have Josette's memories, recognizes the ring as having been worn by her dead husband.

Petofi assures Beth that he will get revenge on Quentin for what he did to her.

Quentin experiences strange effects after wearing the ring. Petofi reminds Quentin that he will have to pay for the curse being lifted, and shows Quentin that subtle changes have appeared in the portrait, after which Quentin is temporary blinded by Petofi, in a display of Petofi's power over Quentin.

After returning to Collinwood, Quentin accuses Kitty of coming to Collinsport with the intention of marrying Edward for his money.

Petofi prepares for a significant ritual, for which he requires a night in undisturbed meditation.

Memorable quotes Edit

Count Petofi: I don't believe in luck, Aristede. It's a poor subsitute for will.

Count Petofi: Nothing can stop it now... nothing.

Count Petofi: What do you think they'll wear in the time I will soon see? Dr. Hoffman came here wearing that obscene short skirt, but I cannot believe that men's clothes will be in such bad taste.

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Toward the end of the episode, when Count Petofi asks Aristede if it's clear what he's supposed to do, Aristede answers, "Yes, your honor." He was most likely supposed to say, "Yes, your excellency."

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