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Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Art Wallace


John Sedwick


October 21, 1966


October 13, 1966


Complete: Disc 10
Beginning 3: Disc 2

85 Gallery
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The ghost of Bill Malloy warns Victoria to leave before she is killed.


My name is Victoria Winters. There are sections of Collinwood that have been closed off for more than fifty years. Dusty rooms and dark, haunted corridors. Rooms that no one ever sees. No one but a tormented boy. A boy that has taught me that a secret hiding place can be more than just a child's playroom. It can also be a prison.

Victoria is trapped and continues to call out for help; Carolyn's looking for her raincoat and she's ready to hit the town. Carolyn's going out solo, sans Joe, but doesn't care to discuss it with Elizabeth. She tells her finally that Joe had another date; Elizabeth reminds Carolyn of her previous wild actions (42) and says it's high time Joe didn't jump when Carolyn snapped. The world doesn't revolve around Carolyn Stoddard, according to Elizabeth. Carolyn storms out, threatening to see Burke.

Sam calls Maggie and learns of her plans with Joe; he tells her not to walk into a hornet's nest. At The Blue Whale, Burke is drinking alone until Sam joins him and they promise not to talk about Bill Malloy. Burke's been drinking heavily. He laments not having friends; Sam tells him you can't declare war on a whole town and then expect to make friends in it.

Carolyn goes out, telling her mother she only cares about Carolyn tonight; Elizabeth has noted that Victoria's coats are present and expects help with the search. Victoria fails to escape through the window and sits dejectedly on a cot.

Sam and Burke are drunk and friendly and they talk about Collinwood's ghosts. Burke wants to spare Victoria and laments that Malloy's not drinking with them. Sam catches him, then joins the lamentations. Sam admits to Burke that he thinks Malloy was murdered. They sing Bill's favorite song--"What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor?"--and Carolyn enters. They'll hope she'll harmonize with them; Burke hurts Carolyn's feelings by asking about Victoria. Sam remembers he has to eat, and lets slip that Maggie's got a man in the cage. Carolyn alarms Burke with her green eye.

Victoria wakes up when she hears a voice. The ghost of Bill Malloy appears and tells her get away from Collinwood before she is killed! The ghost leaves, and Victoria finds wet seaweed on the floor.

Memorable quotes[]

Sam: No, no, no, I haven't been drinking. Well, not yet.

Carolyn: For heaven's sake, Mother, what do you think I am, two years old?
Elizabeth: Well, sometimes you act like it.

Sam: The Collins family has money, and what has it gotten them? Tell me that, Burke old friend, now, what has it got them?
Burke: Ghosts.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • Final episode written by Art Wallace.
  • Location footage: Sam Evans walks to and into the Blue Whale.
  • One of five episodes in the original series that actors David Ford as Sam and Nancy Barrett as Carolyn share a scene, the others being episodes 94, 137, 149, and 308. Ford and Barrett would marry.
  • Sam is back to smoking his pipe, the straight-stemmed one--looks like a Kaywoodie. Much more classy and "artistic" than when he smokes cigarettes. [The cigarettes seem Bohemian. The pipe seems affected.]


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • Victoria runs to relight the candle, but the candle is still burning. She also has some trouble lighting a match (after the flame does go out).
  • The front door of the Blue Whale looks different from the outside than it does from the inside. There is a different window and door arrangement.
  • At the Blue Whale while drinking with Sam Evans, when Sam comments that Burke seems a little drunk, Mitch Ryan says "Yes, first time since I've been back to Collinwood" when he should have said "Collinsport."
  • Why can't Bill Malloy's ghost just say who killed him or help Victoria get out?
  • Bill's ghost is heard to blow out the candle, and Victoria looks over to it, clearly expecting it to have been blown out, but it only flickers a little.
  • The trail of seaweed "left behind" by the ghost of Bill Malloy is present on the floor from the beginning of the episode. Victoria even steps over it in the first scene.
  • In the closing credits, "Ohrbach's" is misspelled as "Orhbach's".

End credits announcements[]

  • Is there life on other planets? Watch We Are Not Alone, an ABC News special, tonight at 10, 9:00 Central Time on ABC.
  • Dark Shadows is a Dan Curtis Production.

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