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Charles steals the portrait of Quentin.

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Collinwood in the year 1897. In this time all those who came to the great house fell under the influence of the evil Count Petofi. On this day, in an abandoned mill not far from the Collins estate, a young man motivated by his own greed submits himself to an experiment, hoping to seek the favour of Count Petofi. He has placed himself in the I-Ching trance, unaware that he will soon see a terrifying moment in the future.

Tim Shaw has a vision of Amanda Harris being terrorized by a man in a demonic red mask. When she removes his mask, Quentin Collins strangles her.

Tim awakens from the trance and rushes to Collinwood where he warns Amanda of the danger. She dismisses his concern and confesses that she is in love with Quentin. Tim insists Amanda has no right to love any man who doesn't know the truth of her creation. He leaves Collinwood enraged.

Charles Tate arrives at Collinwood seeking Amanda, who refuses to speak to him. Tate then tells a disbelieving Quentin the truth about his own powers and Amanda's creation, despite the fact that Quentin is aware of the powers his own portrait possesses.

Tate follows Amanda upstairs and makes another attempt to win her love. She again professes her love for Quentin. Tate insists that they were meant to be together, but Amanda refuses to listen.

After Tate leaves, Amanda makes plans to leave town with Quentin. Angry and jealous, Tate takes Quentin's portrait away with him.

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Quentin: Tate, I know you're a famous painter, and I know you're in great demand, but don't you think imagining yourself to be God is going a bit too far?

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