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Quentin goes to Barnabas' coffin, prepared to drive a stake through his heart.


Collinwood in the year 1897: a somber, sinister night. A night when a man wrestles with his conscience; whether to kill a friend or submit to being destroyed himself. A night when that friend will deliver himself into this man's hands.

Barnabas tells Julia of Kitty Soames, and how he recognizes her as Josette. She tries to talk him out of pursuing Kitty, but he is unwilling to listen. Quentin wrestles with the fact that he must turn Barnabas over to Count Petofi. Meanwhile Charity follows Quentin to Barnabas's coffin where she stakes him.

Memorable quotes[]

Julia: How do you know? Did she recognize you?
Barnabas: No, no.
Julia: That's just as well, because the last time you saw Josette she committed suicide because of you.

Barnabas: Nothing would make me leave Collinwood now. Nothing.

Quentin: Now, let's want me to tell you everything, and you're going to tell me nothing. Now, there seems to be something basically unfair about that.

Charity/Pansy: Dawn means a new day startin'...except for people like you and me. We never get new days, Quentin. We just go on...relivin' the old ones.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]



  • It was 1796 when Josette lived.
  • Barnabas is using a cave underneath the cliffs of Widows' Hill as his hiding place.
  • Quentin refers to himself as Judas over the way he betrayed Barnabas to Count Petofi.
  • INTERNAL MONOLOGUE: Quentin: (recalling Julia's words).
  • TIMELINE: It was tonight when Barnabas saw Kitty for the first time and when she acted strangely to Barnabas' portrait in front of Quentin. Edward took down Barnabas' portrait from the foyer days ago. Barnabas asks Quentin to go see Kitty on his behalf tomorrow. Quentin is to meet Barnabas in a cave underneath Widows' Hill tomorrow night. Edward is in Bangor. Carl died three months ago tonight (Barnabas killed him in 780). It's getting late. Day 323 begins, and will end in 849. It's dawn.

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