Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Art Wallace


John Sedwick


October 20, 1966


October 12, 1966


Complete: Disc 10
Beginning 3: Disc 2

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David leads Victoria to a remote part of the closed off wing of Collinwood.

Synopsis Edit

My name is Victoria Winters. The last rays of sunlight are fading behind the great house on Widows' Hill and one can almost feel the ghosts of the dead past stirring to life. Once again making the legends that surround the hidden corners of this odd mansion seem much too real.

In the closed-off Wing, which Victoria states has been closed-off for 50 years, David takes Victoria in circles to keep her off the pen's trail. David tells her he spends lots of time there with ghosts.

Carolyn comes home as it is getting dark and Elizabeth asks if she's seen David. Carolyn's upset about her recent behavior and apologizes, although Elizabeth doesn't feel it's necessary. Elizabeth admires Joe's independence. Carolyn is a flutter with hope for her big date with Joe. She thinks she might tell Joe she'll marry him. Carolyn wants to have a party at Collinwood; Elizabeth waxes sentimental about the parties when she was a little girl.

David demonstrates the futility of yelling for help. He taunts her by telling her a girl was locked in this very room for 50 years.

Victoria was last spotted by Joe an hour ago; Elizabeth is worried when Joe tells them Victoria was worried about being alone with David, who taunts Victoria by saying a ghost took the key; Carolyn likes Joe's independent spirit and likens him to her ancestors. She's ready for big plans, and he tells her he's got other plans... with a female friend. She dumps him again and tells him she'll never marry, nor see him again!

David lies to Elizabeth when she asks where Miss Winters is. Victoria screams for help in the locked room.

Memorable quotes Edit

David: You can bang and bang and bang but it won't do you any good cause you're gonna stay there for the rest of your life!

David: (to Carolyn) Why do you always have to be in everybody's way?

Carolyn: Now I just love everyone... even David.

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  • The establishing shot of Collinwood is bathed in daylight, but the episode itself takes place near dark during a thunder storm.

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