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Johnny summons gypsy spirits including Sandor for a trial against Magda.

Synopsis Edit

The walls of Collinwood are thick and high, but they have not kept Magda Rakosi safe from gypsy vengeance. Now Magda is a prisoner, hoping desperately for freedom. Before the night is out, she will learn that freedom can be far more terrifying than her chains.

King Johnny commences the trial against Magda at the Collins mausoleum, acting as prosecutor and judge. He summons the spirits of gypsy murderers and thieves to serve as the jury, including Sandor, whom King Johnny is revealed to have killed.

Magda is found guilty of murdering Julianka, Jenny's infant son, and trying to pull "the bajour," the big trick of substituting a counterfeit Hand, thereby betraying the gypsy people. King Johnny sentences Magda to play "hunt the weasel", Magda is to be released and hunted down and killed.

Magda succeeds in banishing the spirits of the dead who are pursuing her, but King Johnny and Istvan corner Magda and prepare to kill her.

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Magda: I get...I get the feeling that there ain't too many surprises in King Johnny's court.

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  • In the Collins mausoleum, before Johnny tells Magda to open the secret door, there is a bang and a flash from off camera, as if a light bulb exploded.
  • When the gypsy ghosts surround Magda in the cemetery, you can see the edge of the "grass carpet" and the studio floor.

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