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When Charles sees Amanda he realizes that she is the woman that he has been painting.

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The sinister Count Petofi thinks he has foiled King Johnny Romano, and sent Magda off to certain death. But, as he gloats over his victory, he does not know that his plan has already gone awry.

Petofi compliments Tate on his work in producing the artificial hand. Tate dismisses it, saying that the gypsies won't be fooled for long. Petofi again admires the portrait of Tate's ideal woman, and asks who posed for it. He insists that no one did, that he simply dreamed of her. Petofi asks Tate if he is in love with the woman in the portrait. Petofi tells him that he's met a girl Tate must see.

Amanda goes to see Reverend Trask who tells her, while caressing her arm appreciatively, that the best way for her to conquer her demons is to move into Collinwood. Amanda is reluctant, but Trask insists. He leaves her to consider it, and then encounters Charity, who is possessed by Pansy Faye. Trask tries to reason with his daughter, but she is of another mind completely, insisting on performing Pansy's mentalist act. Then she says she see his death: Trask will die while tied, alone in a room.

Tim plans to make Trask fall in love with Amanda in the hope that Trask will then kill Judith, freeing Trask to marry Amanda. Then, Tim and Amanda will dispense with Trask and take all the Collins's money.

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Rev. Trask (when Charity/Pansy begins singing and dancing): The torments that we must live through!

Amanda: Jewelry can do a lot for a girl if she's like me.

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