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Quentin attempts to save the life of his daughter.


A long morning is ending at Collinwood, and a young girl who was attacked by the werewolf is dead, but not before Charity Trask has learned a terrible truth about Quentin Collins, a truth that Quentin knows he must keep her from telling to anyone, no matter what the cost.

Charity tries to call the police, but is stopped by Quentin, who tells her that the girl is dead. She accuses him of murder. He confronts her with her father's signed confession. Quentin uses the confession to blackmail Charity into silence. Then he tells her they must find the hand of Count Petofi before it is too late.

Mrs. Filmore tells Quentin his daughter is sick. Magda tells Quentin about the amulet, which gives protection from Barnabas and Angelique. He goes to get it from Aristede. Aristede pulls a knife on Quentin. Quentin takes the amulet from Aristede and uses it to save the baby. Though the amulet is not enough, the ghost of Jenny comes to save the baby.

Memorable quotes[]

Quentin: Now, Charity, I may hang for murder, but your father will be dancing at the end of a rope, too.

Magda (to Aristede, who is primping his hair in a mirror): Did you send for me so there would be two of us to admire you?

Aristede: For flesh and blood, I have the Dancing Lady.
Quentin: Then let her dance, Aristede, let her dance!

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]



Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • Grayson Hall flubs Barnabas' name as she says the line, "If she dies, then Barn-banabas says that the future is dead, too!"
  • The camera can be seen when Aristede reveals The Dancing Girl, which he mistakenly calls "The Dancing Lady".
  • There is significant camera trouble when Magda comes to the door at Collinwood and Charity answers--moving erratically in and out, being out of focus.

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