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As part of a scheme, Mrs. Johnson pretends to accuse Burke of being responsible for Bill's death.


My name is Victoria Winters. Even though the coroner has given an official opinion on the unexplained death of a man, the mystery of that death still creates dissention in our town. And not everyone agrees with the verdict.

Burke and Mrs. Johnson meet. She claims Mr. Wells didn't see her (because he couldn't see the nose on his own face) and is incensed at the verdict that Bill Malloy's death was ruled accidental. Burke tells her to soft-pedal her hatred, lest it alert *someone* they don't name. Burke gets a call and learns that Sam and Roger were arguing about something, which he posits (correctly) had something to do with Malloy's death. Mrs. Johnson reports that Bill had no use for Roger and thought Sam's wasting away was a shame.

At the diner, Maggie tells Sam that folks have stopped talking about Malloy for the most part. She asks what he and Roger were talking about, and when she jokes about it, he flips. Burke tells Mrs. Johnson what her REAL duties are to be at Collinwood. She asks him about Victoria Winters, about whom Bill occasionally spoke. Burke tells her Vicki's backstory and reasserts the idea that it is odd Mrs. Stoddard would hire someone she never met. Mrs. Johnson doesn't think it's so odd, she remembers 18 years prior when Collinwood had a large staff, prior to Paul Stoddard's leaving. Mrs. Johnson posits a perfectly reasonable explanation for Liz's hiring Vicki. Mrs Johnson and Burke plan to hate each other publicly.

Sam is still in ill-humor. Maggie is still creeped out by Mrs Johnson, who is not interested in Maggie's perfect menus. Maggie doesn't trust her still. Burke shows up and chats with Sam about--what else?--Malloy's death's verdict. Sam asserts that NOBODY had anything to do with Malloy's death, which sets Sarah off. She accuses Burke of being responsible for Bill's death because of 'stirring up trouble'. David comes in and defends Devlin. David sees himself and Burke as kindred spirits. He wants to kill everybody. Sam asks Mrs Johnson if she meant what she said and reports on the change brought about in Malloy by Burke.s return. Bill was determined to stop Burke to help Mrs. Stoddard. Sarah is willing to abide by the Coroner’s verdict, but blames his state of mind which led to his falling off a familiar path to Burke's trouble-stirring. David asks Burke if Liz's statements about Burke were/are true. He tells Devlin that he's been forbidden to see Burke. David is reminded of the fact that it was (supposedly?) his suggestion that Burke buy Collinwood. David makes small talk and purports that he'll be beaten for his visit to Burke as he surreptitiously returns Burke's photograph. He claims things will get worse for him when Mrs Johnson starts working as his "jailer". Burke points out what a nice thing it is that Mrs. Johnson might have something to do and defends her anti-Burke outburst. David admits he "borrowed" Burke's picture, which Burke purports was there all the time and he was going to give to David as a gift anyway. David likens Mrs. Stoddard to General Lee and Burke to General Grant (Vicki's teaching him about the Civil War).

Mrs. Johnson likes Maggie's toast and wants another piece at the table. Sam tells Maggie to be polite to Mrs. Johnson because she's gone through a lot. Maggie says that Mrs. Johnson is "all right". David comes downstairs and apologizes to Mrs. Johnson. She says she may have been harsh toward Burke; Burke and Mrs Johnson feel their playacting is a success.

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