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Alexandra Moltke
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Francis Swann


Lela Swift


October 12, 1966


October 5, 1966


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78 Gallery
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Maggie and Joe enjoy each other's company at the Blue Whale.


My name is Victoria Winters. In Collinwood, this great and gloomy house perched on Widows' Hill, life goes on as usual. And so does death, with the doubts and fears that accompany it, especially when it is a death that has not been fully explained.

Sam calls Roger and they plan a meeting at The Blue Whale. Victoria meets Roger on the way out and she lets it slip that she's been to the Blue Whale--with Burke. She relays the reason, see (30-34). At the Blue Whale, Sam enjoys drinking for the first time since Burke's return. Joe shows up looking blue, and Maggie asks Sam to ask him to join them. The trio have a very funny conversation about the 'Collins Family of Collinsport' after Joe tells them he was stood up by Carolyn. They start a drinking game, during which Joe says he's 'about 86th in line' for Malloy's job and blames himself for being stood up (because he wouldn't play hooky and go to the beach with Carolyn, see 69). When Joe excuses himself, Maggie shines and Sam calls her out--he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Joe calls Collinwood and gets Victoria, who tells him that Carolyn went out for a drive. Joe asks Maggie (not Sam) to dance.

Victoria and Roger are heading to the Blue Whale after they talk about being 'just a' whatever, he is still being very complimentary to her. Maggie and Joe talk about the Old Days. Roger and Victoria enter and the trio remarks on their closeness. Sam 'just happens' to have something to talk to Roger about, so he joins the duo. Victoria joins Maggie and Joe. Roger and Sam admit they don't think the other killed Malloy anymore. Roger is worried that if Malloy could get something out of Sam, Burke easily could. Sam promises it won't happen. Roger asks about the letter. Maggie and Joe inquire about the hiring of a housekeeper. Maggie reiterates that she's creeped out by Sarah Johnson. Victoria likens Carolyn and Elizabeth to each other due to their mood swings. Victoria admits that she and Carolyn have fought about Burke, whom Maggie posits likes Victoria better. Joe thinks it's old ground and Maggie calls him a dope.

Roger reminds Sam of the letter's contents and Sam reminds him that it will only be seen if something happens to him. He posits that Malloy might have been smart to have written a letter of his own. They accuse each other of being involved in the death of Bill Malloy. Roger rejoins Victoria, Maggie, and Joe and tells Victoria it's time to go home because he has a headache. He then insults them by assuming they were speaking of the price of "fish and hash." He then blames his headache. Joe says that doesn't give him the right to speak that way to Maggie, and Roger accuses him of forgetting his place. Joe continues to stand up for Maggie and Roger continues to be insulting. After Roger leaves, Joe makes threats. Maggie lightens the mood.

Roger's headache mysteriously is cured. He offers Victoria a nightcap and asks for a second time around. Victoria says it will be possible when the housekeeper is hired. Roger's shocked about the decision and even more so when he learns Mrs. Johnson is the intended one.

Memorable quotes[]

Maggie: Joe Haskell, you're sweet, but you're a dope.

Roger: I hate to tear you away from such fascinating company.
Victoria: Oh, that's alright.
Roger: No doubt. You were discussing the price of fish or the price of hash?

Roger: Yes, I think we'd better go. I never did enjoy gutter brawling.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • Location footage: Blue Whale from outside, water churning, boats docked.
  • Roger talks during the narration as he's on the phone unheard.
  • Sam Evans has discarded his pipe and smokes cigarettes instead.


  • This is the first time a romance is hinted at between Maggie and Joe.
  • Victoria visited the library inside Collinwood.
  • TIMELINE: Roger plans to meet Sam later at the Blue Whale.
  • The Blue Whale jukebox plays "Green Eyes", "Brazil", "String of Pearls", "Strangers in the Night", and "My Love". (Also, “More than You Know”. “Green Eyes”, Brazil”, “String of Pearls”, and “More than You Know” aka “The Elgart Touch” are all from the Les and Larry Elgart album, “The New Elgart Touch”.)

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • In Act I when Vicki tells Roger she is going to the library to get a book and that there's nothing much else to do at Collinwood, Louis Edmonds seems to miss his cue. There's a pause before he says, "And you get bored," and during that pause, Alexandra Moltke looks off to the side. When we go back to the medium shot from the close-up on Vicki, we see Alexandra Moltke rubbing her hands, which she has said was a habit she had when she was having trouble remembering her lines.
  • When Vicki goes upstairs to change to go to the Blue Whale with Roger, Roger walks over to the grandfather clock to check his watch and then heads into the drawing room. The camera angle is shot too high, and we see stage lights above in the drawing room.
  • Joe says he has been stood up by Carolyn for a dinner date earlier today, and that Carolyn wanted him to take her to the beach which happened in 69. However this was yesterday. It would seem to indicate that the sudden switch to nighttime in episode 70 was inserted at the last minute, meaning an additional day change.
  • At The Blue Whale actor David Ford calls Carolyn "Caroline" when speaking to Joe and Maggie just before they decide to dance.
  • During the conversation between Sam and Roger at the Blue Whale both Louis Edmonds and David Ford look at the teleprompter often, especially David Ford.

End credits announcements[]

  • Clayt Monroe is sentenced to be hanged. It's a frame-up on The Monroes, tonight here on ABC.
  • Dark Shadows is a Dan Curtis Production.

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