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Sam drops by the Sheriff’s office, and is unnerved to find out that the Sheriff’s been waiting for him. The Sheriff jokes about his new batch of friends, making Sam more nervous. The Sheriff says they’ll know in a few hours whether Sam’s a painter or a murder suspect. David’s upset that Liz hasn’t fired Vicki and tries to tattle on her. David tells Liz he likes her and Burke; Liz doesn’t like that. David resents Liz’ treating him like a child and turns on his aunt when he suspects she may have told the Sheriff that Burke killed Bill. David attempts to call Burke. Maggie and Sam chat about the determination--Maggie’s heard gossip that it’s to be homicide. David runs off and Liz is powerless to stop him. The Sheriff visits Liz. The Sheriff visits Bill’s old friend, Liz, and tells her that the Coroner has ruled Malloy’s death accidental. Sam says that the Coroner’s report won’t end the talk of Malloy’s death. David shows up at the Diner looking for Burke. David and Sam talk about art and Roger. Sam regrets that David is a Collins and tells Maggie that Burke will rampage if the Coroner’s report doesn’t favour him.

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