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Nora dreams that her mother is returning to Collinwood.


Collinwood in the year 1897: a time of uncertainty and fear for all who live within the great house, a time of intrigue and of dark, mysterious family secrets. A time when supernatural happenings were commonplace and threatened to destroy the Collins family forever.

Nora sees a fire in the hallway; however, it is gone when she returns with her father and Beth. Quentin finds that Beth is taking a large sum of money into Collinsport. Nora dreams that her mother comes back to Collinwood, but her father sends her away. Nora leaves the house to find her mother.

Memorable quotes[]

Beth: Your brother is furious with me.
Quentin: Edward's fury is like a common cold. It's a nuisance, but it always goes away.

Edward: If you're sincere, you have just made one of your rare intelligent decisions. I congratulate you.
Quentin: Ooooh, wonder of wonders. My brother has paid me a compliment. A half-hearted one, but a compliment nevertheless.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • Diana Millay doesn't appear in this episode. Laura Collins is instead played by Barbara Brownell, an uncredited extra. Her face is obscured by a hood during the dream sequence, and only her arm is seen at the end of the episode.
  • When Denise Nickerson is sitting on the couch looking up at Louis Edmonds in the first scene following the teaser, stitches can be seen on her left ear lobe.


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • David Selby bumps his head on the door frame at the back of the foyer after the scene where Beth comforts Nora following her dream.
  • A boom mic shadow can be seen on the wall as Quentin sits down to talk to Edward.
  • Nora's running footsteps (to the next set) can be heard after she leaves her bedroom and then again after she runs out the front door while Quentin and Edward are talking.

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