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April 7, 1969


March 31, 1969


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726 Gallery
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Quentin threatens Judith, demanding to know where Jenny is; he plans to kill her when he finds her.


Collinwood, the year is 1897. Barnabas Collins must end the curse which started here in the past. And on this night, he waits, while a man who resembles a long dead enemy, attempts to draw a man's spirit from a possessed child, and place it in the cold, dead body where it belongs.

After Trask finishes his ceremony, Quentin and Jamison return to normal. Trask tries to intimidate Jamison into agreeing to go to Worthington Hall. Quentin threatens Judith, demanding to know where Jenny is; he plans to kill her when he finds her. Jamison runs away from Collinwood.

Memorable quotes[]

Judith: I simply think we must give the Reverend Trask a chance.
Barnabas: So-called Reverend Trask.
Judith: What do you mean by that?
Barnabas: I find it difficult to believe that any church would claim him. I'd wager that if you had him investigated, you'd find that his title comes from some obscure sect that he himself founded.
Judith: You’ve only been in this country a few weeks. You seem to have formed a surprising amount of opinions in that time.
Barnabas: If I’d only been here a matter of a few hours, I would have thought it idiocy to assume that a praying bigot could turn a zombie into a man.

Quentin (to. Rev. Trask): Who are you? Judith, some new flunky?
Judith: Quentin, you owe Reverend Trask a great deal.
Quentin: Reverend. Well, have you told him I never pay my debts?

Barnabas (to Quentin): You dabble in…odd things. Perhaps one of your interests resulted in this.

Rev. Trask (to Jamison): Do you want to grow up to be the disappointment to your father that you’re going to be?

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • There's a problem with one of the cameras in the drawing room, which is casting a greenish tint.


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • In the reprise of the previous episode, Barnabas is no longer wearing his overcoat.
  • A yellow "X" made of tape to mark the spot for blocking can clearly be seen near Jamison's shoulder as he collapses to the floor.
  • The following time is given: 9pm as Jamison tells Judith about Gregory. However, this conflicts with the 9pm time given in the previous episode as it would appear to still be the same night.

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