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March 24, 1969


March 17, 1969


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Rachel is knocked unconscious by Jenny, who then locks her in the tower room.

Synopsis Edit

Barnabas Collins finds himself unexpectedly back in time in the year 1897 when Collinwood was filled with intrigue and terror. A terror that the new governess in the great house will discover as she finally encounters the secret kept locked in the tower room.

Rachel is knocked unconscious by Jenny who then locks her in the tower room. Dirk finds Nora outside Collinwood, who later claims she is waiting for her mother to return. Jenny starts wandering around the house. Dirk rescues Rachel from the tower room. Rachel tells Judith what has happened, denying that anyone was in the tower room. Judith finds Jenny who now has a sharp pair of scissors.

Judith says that Nora's mother's doctors send her letters about her treatment. Nora and Jamison have found the letters the children write to their mother in a drawer.

Memorable quotes Edit

Judith: Collinwood is mine now.

Rachel: While we're sitting here, there's some maniac running loose in the house.

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • When Dirk rushes into the tower room after breaking the door open, it sounds like he calls Rachel "Maggie."
  • Rachel starts to walk toward the Old House, but in the next scene is outside the door to Nora's room.
  • A shadow appears on Dirk's face as he talks to Judith in the drawing room.
  • The Raggedy Ann doll is an unusual anachronism - it wasn't introduced until 1915.

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