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Kathryn Leigh Scott


Gordon Russell


Lela Swift


March 20, 1969


March 13, 1969


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714 Gallery
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Judith gloats to Carl, Edward, and Quentin as she reads the will that leaves all the money to her.


Collinwood in the year 1897. The strange and terrifying events of that year are as yet unsolved by Barnabas Collins, he must unravel this mystery of the past in order to save the life of a young boy in the present. He has not yet learned that the darkest and most mysterious secret of all lies beyond the door of the tower room.

Quentin notices Judith is standing erect, more grand and acting like Catherine the Great of Russia. He knows that when Judith's upper lip trembles, it means she is lying. Rachel says she saw a light in the Tower Room after the first night she arrived. Servants awoke Edward to come to Judith who has to announce to him she is moving into Edith's room. Quentin tells Edward that if something were to happen to Judith, the money would go to Jamison. Edward cannot kill Judith but knows Quentin can.

Memorable quotes[]

Judith: From this night on, I am the mistress of Collinwood.

Rachel: There is something about this house that is beginning to disturb me.

Quentin: Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly.

Beth: Never believe anything Quentin tells you. Everything he says is said with only one thing in mind.

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  • As Rachel is at the tower room, the film stock appears yellow. [there is no film stock. The show was recorded on 2" videotape]


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