Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Francis Swann


Lela Swift


September 29, 1966


September 22, 1966


Complete: Disc 8
Beginning 2: Disc 4

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Mrs. Johnson meets with Burke, she wants to help him find Bill's murderer.

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My name is Victoria Winters. Everyone here at Collinwood is concerned with the mysterious death of a friend. A concern shared by others in other rooms in Collinsport.

Burke and Mrs. Johnson have a discussion about Malloy's's murder. She is of the belief that the Sheriff is afraid of the Collins family and doesn't have the sense the good Lord gave him. She reports that Malloy didn't like Roger but thought the world of Elizabeth. Mrs. Johnson admits that she was 'fond' of Malloy, a fact of which everyone in town was aware except possibly him. Malloy was a good man who never harmed anyone. Would he harm someone to help Elizabeth? Yes, in Mrs. Johnson's opinion. Burke puts the pieces together for her. Malloy's broken watch was given to him by his 'father'. Mrs. Johnson believes that Malloy's body showed up at Collinwood because Roger was the killer. Carolyn tricks Joe and asks him to lunch because of Burke. He's upset at her, but she puts Joe's questions aside by kissing him. Mrs. Johnson would do anything to avenge Malloy and states she has no love for the Collins family or any of its members. Pieces of the puzzle are laid out by Burke for Mrs. Johnson and Carolyn for Joe. Joe tells Carolyn that Laura dumped Burke for Roger and posits that that is the reason for Burke's revenge. Joe draws an ironic diagram for Carolyn. Burke is reluctant to believe that Victoria lied for Roger; Mrs. Johnson tells him to put his personal feelings aside. Mrs. Johnson is surprised that Roger showed up at the meeting. Spoiled Carolyn is unable to comprehend the concept of a job or responsibility. She's bored or something. Burke wants to plant Mrs. Johnson in Collinwood. Carolyn shows up and tells Burke that Roger denied everything. Burke plants seeds in Carolyn's mind about Mrs. Johnson's needing a job. He says everyone at Collinwood is fair game.

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  • Coughing can be heard from backstage during the scene in Burke's room at the Collinsport Inn.
  • Actor Joel Crothers flubs when talking to Carolyn about having the day off from work.
  • Burke fills Carolyn's water glass using hot water while Mrs. Johnson hides in the kitchen.

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