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February 10, 1969


February 3, 1969


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686 Gallery
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Roger returns to Collinwood and is upset that his son has been accused of the strange things occurring recently.


There is a storm over the estate of Collinwood, and as the lightning flashes an ambulance leaves the great house, for this night an aged silversmith arrived with important information, which might give two people a clue to the dangers that threaten them. But now the silversmith is dead, and no one knows how he died.

Barnabas and Julia contemplate what Ezra was going to tell them. David takes the ledger which Ezra brought with him to Collinwood; Beth appears to David, and has him read the information about the silver medallion that Beth Chavez purchased the medallion and charged the cost to the account of Quentin Collins; Quentin makes David rip out a page which contains that crucial information. Roger returns to Collinwood and is upset that his son has been accused of some of the strange things occurring recently. The ledger is later found in the drawing room. Julia finds a picture of Beth in an old family album.

Memorable quotes[]

Elizabeth: Roger is very fortunate; he only believes what he sees.

Julia: Mrs. Johnson's a repressed hysteric.

Barnabas Collins|Barnabas: Curious so many hearts should stop in this house.

Julia: Then we're all in danger, aren't we, and there's nothing we can do about it.

David: (about Quentin) I hate him, Beth!

David: You always accuse me!
Barnabas: You always put yourself in a position where I have to.

David: I just knew you and Aunt Elizabeth were going to sit in the car and talk about... Vicki and things.
Roger: I'm sure you know a lot of interesting things that your Aunt Elizabeth does not.

Elizabeth: I'd like to know what's happening in my own house.

Roger: Did a ghost put it there? Really, Julia.
Roger: I really think you've been reading too many bad mystery novels lately, Barnabas.
Roger (to David): Bored is hardly a word that should be in your vocabulary at your age.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • Louis Edmonds returns to the cast after an absence of 24 episodes.
  • There are no closing credits for this episode. Only the Dan Curtis Productions logo is shown.


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • Jonathan Frid flubs when he says that Ezra knew who he sold the book to. It was not a book, it was the medallion.
  • Louis Edmonds forgets Maggie and Amy's names. He calls them the governess and the little child. Jonathan Frid fills him in on Maggie's name, but then calls Roger by the name of David.
  • It seems unlikely that an autopsy would be performed so quickly on Ezra Braithwaite. It's nighttime, and he arrived at Collinwood just this evening as well. Even if we accept that the autopsy was performed, it must have been an incredibly quick one since Elizabeth and Roger have not even returned from the airport yet.
  • The room with the old books is supposed to be in the basement, yet it has a big bay window/glass door leading outside (which is blown open, so Julia isn't exactly trapped).
  • Earlier in the series, Julia posed as an author, writing a book about the Collins family; she looked through countless books and albums back then. Odd that she never got to this 'basement' room, with its large historical archive. (Perhaps Liz wasn't letting anyone into the basement, afraid they'd find her awful secret?)

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