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Janet is tormented by Quentin's evil spirit while trapped in his sealed off room.

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Evening at Collinwood, and as darkness beings to enshroud the great house, there is one inside it who is prepared to combat the powers of darkness. She has come to Collinwood to exorcise the house of a spirit who will not rest. In doing so she has been lured to a strange room in the deserted west wing, she will try to combat the spirit who exists there and in the process she will risk her own destruction.

Janet is tormented by spirits while in Quentin's room. Chris is concerned when he finds that Amy saw the pentagram in Joe's face. Janet falls down the stairs to her death.

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  • Joan Bennett flubs to Julia, "I cannot imagine where she what could've happened."
  • When Joe knocks on Chris' door, the edge of the hallway set can be seen on the left.
  • A boom microphone shadow can be seen on Chris' face as he pleads with Julia to give him some pills.
  • Early in the episode, Chris worries that the moon will be full tomorrow night. When he goes to Julia for sleeping pills--which is the same night--he insists that he needs them for this night.
  • In the previous episode, Janet Findley trips over a wire when she first enters Quentin's room. In this episode, the scene is replayed in the opening sequence, but she doesn't trip this time.

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