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David and Amy meet the ghosts of Quentin and Beth.


Of all the dark and evil secrets that plague the great house at Collinwood, none has escaped detection longer than the secret behind the wall in the abandoned west wing. For over 70 years, a vengeful spirit has been imprisoned here. Now through the curiosity of two children it has been released, and soon it will bring about the final destruction of the Collins family.

David and Amy meet the ghosts of Quentin and Beth. Amy and David dress up and pretend to be Beth and Quentin. David and Amy bury the skeleton from the secret room . David strings a wire across the staircase causing Roger to fall.

Memorable quotes

Elizabeth: David gave me his word.
Roger: Yes, he's done that before as I recall.

Roger: (about Amy) I just hope she's not a bad influence on David.

David: If you sound convincing father will believe whatever you tell him.

Dramatis personae

Background information and notes



  • GHOSTWATCH: Quentin and Beth's ghosts appear to David and Amy.
  • TIMELINE: 2am: Roger goes to bed. Day 255 begins, and will end in 649. Amy will get Roger at 1am. 1am: Roger in bed.
  • The act tying a wire across the stairs to make Roger fall is a reenactment of when David caused Roger to fall in 1966, only this time David is possessed.

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • The white wig of hair seen previously on the skeleton is gone.
  • The David and Amy were able to get the cradle up the secret staircase, but are apparently unable to get the toy chest down it.
  • A boom microphone shadow is visible as Roger tells Elizabeth that Victoria is in a sad state.
  • The collar of Amy's green dress is visible above her pink robe.
  • The end credits roll is off kilter tilted up on the left side.
  • The secret opening to Quentin's room has moved to panel on the right.

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