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Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Art Wallace


John Sedwick


September 22, 1966


September 15, 1966


Complete: Disc 8
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64 Gallery
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Matthew threatens Burke that if he doesn’t leave the Collins family alone, he will kill him.


My name is Victoria Winters. When I first arrived at Collinwood it was with hope and fear. Hope that the secrets of my past would be unlocked for me. Fear of the unknown that lay ahead. And now that fear has been centered on a man's death and the endless ripples of tension it has produced.

Carolyn and Elizabeth fight about Burke's reputation and what he is capable of. Carolyn asks Elizabeth if she's made any such accusations to Matthew and tells of her encounter with the groundskeeper. Matthew attempts to manhandle Burke and get him to sit down with him. Elizabeth can't find Matthew 20 minutes after Carolyn saw him last (63). Carolyn openly acknowledges that Matthew would 'tear limb-from-limb' anyone who wished/acted harm upon Elizabeth. Sheriff Patterson calls Collinwood to warn Elizabeth that Burke's on a rampage and to call if Burke shows up. Elizabeth wants to talk to the Sheriff about Matthew Morgan and says it's connected to the Malloy case. Matthew threatens Burke if he dosen't leave that family alone he would kill him in cold blood then Burke calls Elizabeth not an angel and says her problems are just beginning. Burke and Matthew get into a fight and Matthew tries to break his neck. The Sheriff breaks up the fight, saving Burke. He pulls the duo downtown and tells Burke he's the more dangerous element. Carolyn again defends Burke. Elizabeth tells her that Maggie's visit was due to Burke's accusations that Roger/Sam had something to do with Malloy's death. Elizabeth asks which Carolyn would rather believe: that Burke is a slanderer or that Roger is a murderer. Burke admits to the Sheriff that he visited Sam, then tells the Sheriff that he no longer thinks Sam killed Malloy. The Sheriff points out that he is the Law, and that Malloy probably wasn't murdered. He orders Burke to stay away from the Collinses. Burke tells the Sheriff to tell them to keep the Collins 'goons' away from him. Burke is ordered out of the room. The Sheriff orders Matthew to work the Collins Farm for them, etc., and tells him he'll arrest him if he goes around Burke again. The Sheriff insists that Burke won't go up to Collinwood again. Elizabeth laments that Carolyn is 'stuck' in Collinwood. Carolyn tells Elizabeth of her instant attraction to Burke. Carolyn resolves to see Burke to ask about the accusations and Elizabeth doesn't order her not to. Burke shows up at Collinwood.

Memorable quotes[]

Carolyn: (to Elizabeth, about Matthew) I think if someone were worrying you or endangering you, he'd tear them apart.

Sheriff Patterson: (to Matthew) You work the farm for them.

Burke: (to Matthew) Mrs. Stoddard? What the devil do you think she is, an angel or something? Well, she's not! She's a neurotic woman who buried herself in a tomb for 18 years, and she likes it that way.

Matthew: I told you I was gonna kill you. I told you.

Burke: Collinwood breeds murderers. He [Matthew] almost killed me.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • During the opening credits, the "Dark Shadows" lettering on the right side vanishes and slowly fades in due to improper lighting on the title card causing a bad key.
  • While music not created by composer Bob Cobert does occassionally get played at the Blue Whale, this is one of the rare instances where a psychedelic organ song is played. As Burke enters the song "Hole In The Wall" by the T-Bones (or a cover version of it) plays.


  • Matthew admits to Burke that having the bartender tell Elizabeth that Matthew wasn't there was the first time he's ever lied to her. Even so, he didn't do it directly.
  • TIMELINE: It been 20 to 30 minutes since Carolyn left the Blue Whale.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • As Elizabeth and Carolyn argue, a crew member can be seen walking outside the windows in the drawing room.
  • As Elizabeth is on the phone to the Blue Whale at the beginning of Act II, whispering can be heard from offstage.
  • Joan Bennett flubs a line when talking on the phone about Burke with Sheriff Patterson: "Well, he hasn't been"
  • When Elizabeth and Sheriff Patterson are talking on the phone, sometimes the sheriff's voice can be heard from the Collinwood drawing room in an echoey way (from Dana Elcar obviously actually being close by).
  • Matthew's sock in the jaw to Burke obviously doesn't connect. [They scuffle at the Blue Whale but I don't see Matthew trying to punch Burke.]
  • When Carolyn and Elizabeth are sitting on the drawing room couch, with Elizabeth telling her about Burke's accusations against Sam and Roger to Maggie, a cough can be heard offstage.
  • Actor Dana Elcar flubs over the word "execution" as "ectocution". Also when he asks Matthew if he tends to the "farm" on Collinwood, the scripted word was "garden".

End credit announcement[]

  • Stay tuned for Where the Action Is, next here on ABC.
  • Dark Shadows is a Dan Curtis production.

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