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November 26, 1968


November 15, 1968


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As Nicholas prepares Maggie for the Black Mass, Chris is reunited with Amy and later transforms into a werewolf in his hotel room attacking the hotel clerk.



A brilliant morning sun illuminates the walls of Collinwood and all is serene in the great house. But not far away, in a strange house by the sea a desperate man waits. This day will decide his fate, and the young woman he has chosen to be his bride.

Nicholas waits for Tom and wonders why Adam has left, and why everything is going wrong. He summons Maggie to come to him and to decide she wants and needs him. He states (to the air) "Tonight we will be united... in death".

Act I

Adam arrives, slamming the door. Nicholas tells Adam he made a mistake in how Eve was created, but that his new mate will be warm and loving because Maggie will supply her life force. Adam says he would rather be alone than with someone like the old Eve and he does not trust Nicholas. Adam then swears to kill the new Eve if she is anything like the old one. Adam exits as Maggie arrives. Maggie drags it out, but tells Nicholas she will marry him and they embrace. He tells her they will be married tonight because he must leave for London tonight and wants to take her with him. At Windcliff Sanitarium, Chris waits to see Amy. While the nurse goes to get Amy, he checks the weather forecast and sees the Full Moon is tonight. He panics and says "No! Not again".

Act II

Amy and Chris are reunited, but she just stares at him, not speaking. He tries to bribe her with a box of paints, but she throws them across the room and asks "Why didn't you come before"! He says he wanted to but stayed away too long. She dismisses him, but when he does not leave she asks if he will stay. He tells her he can't and she screams at him to "go away!". He hugs her and apologizes, saying he will stay in Collinsport, promising not to leave her. Back at the Collinsport Inn Chris asks Mr. Wells if he can change rooms. He asks for the room at the top, away from the street, more secluded from the rest. Mr. Wells shows him the room and Chris seems pleased when he sees the grating over the window. He asks Wells to to lock him inside for the night from the outside and to ignore anything he hears as he is a writer who often acts out the parts he is writing. Wells seems dumbfounded.


At Nicholas' house, Maggie paces in her wedding dress, being generally nervous as time approaches for the minister to arrive. Nicholas offers her some champagne to calm her nerves and puts some drops in hers from a vial from his jacket pocket. They drink up and later Maggie begins to feel dizzy. She passes out in Nicholas' arms and he carries her away, never even mussing her veil.

At the Collinsport Inn, Mr. Wells hears a commotion from inside Chris Jennings' room and unlocks the door. He goes inside to investigate, seeing the room has been torn apart. He looks towards the camera and screams.

Nicholas carries Maggie into a black room filled with candles and lays her on an altar and begins the Black Mass. We see Wells being dragged away, his face horribly mangled and cut up. Nicholas continues the Black Mass, summoning The Damned, saying they will live forever as members of The Damned... he takes a sip of wine from the ceremonial cup (630) and kisses her.

Memorable quotes

Nicholas: (about Maggie, to himself) Tonight we will be united... in death.

Chris: Would you say anything to me? Anything at all? Just one little, teeny word.
Amy: Why didn't you come before?
Chris: I couldn't, sweetheart. I wanted to, but I just couldn't.
Amy: Nobody came.
Chris: I wanted to come. I wrote to you.
Amy: Nobody came.
Chris: I know. I stayed away too long.

Dramatis personae

Background information and notes


  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 629.
  • First appearance of actress Denise Nickerson and the character Amy Jennings. She is not credited. Previously her brother, Chris, had refereed to her as "Molly".
  • Final appearance of Conrad Bain as Mr. Wells, the night clerk at the Collinsport Inn. Like Alexandra Moltke, whose last episode was also this week, he had been in the first episode with Kathryn Leigh Scott.
  • Bobbi Ann Woronko who played the Nurse, was a former Miss Pennsylvania. She won the small role as first prize for a beauty pagent held at Pallisades Park, New Jersey.


  • What is the blue stuff on the dead hotel clerk's face? Maybe best not to think about it.
  • Adam knows Nicholas lied, but decides to trust him anyway; Nicholas admits it was a mistake to lie to him?
  • Maggie once attacked Adam; why would he want to have her as the life-force?
  • INTERNAL MONOLOGUE: Nicholas: Where is Jennings?; Chris: Full Moon, weather forecast.
  • TIMELINE: Day 249 begins, and will end in 633/634. Barnabas and Julia will do the experiment tonight.

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • Nicholas is not wearing his ring, a gold band with rather large diamond, when he drugs Maggie, but is wearing it when he performs the Black Mass. He was also wearing it when Maggie arrived at his house.
  • Conrad Bain is credited as the Hotel Clerk, without giving the character's name of Mr. Wells.

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