Alexandra Moltke
(as Victoria Winters)


Art Wallace


John Sedwick


September 21, 1966


September 14, 1966


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Still reeling from Burke's accusations against her father, Maggie goes to Collinwood for answers.

Synopsis Edit

My name is Victoria Winters. Once again it is quiet in Collinwood. There is no sound but the ticking of the great clock in the entrance hall. And the lonely footsteps of a woman who hasn't left its grounds in eighteen years. A woman whose life is limited to musty corridors and the endless beat of a grandfather clock. A beat that seems to ignore the vitality of the world around it.

Joe and Carolyn have fun at the Blue Whale. After a pleasant break during dinner and such, thoughts of Malloy's death cause Carolyn sadness. Joe believes that Malloy fell in the water and drowned, case closed. Maggie shows up and complains about Burke. Maggie then goes to Collinwood (breaking her sacred vow of never setting foot in the mansion) to talk to Roger. Elizabeth and Maggie talk about what they do and do not know about the mystery meeting and the connection between Sam, Roger, and Burke. Matthew shows up at the Blue Whale, where Carolyn sits with him against her boyfriend's advice. Matthew makes threats against Burke because of his intentions with the family. Carolyn defends Burke. Matthew says that Malloy is dead because of Devlin. Carolyn refuses to believe that Burke had anything to do with killing Malloy. Joe reminds her that a few moments earlier, she was dead-set that Malloy was murdered. Matthew is silent on the matter. Elizabeth assures Maggie that there's no truth to Burke's accusations. Carolyn comes in and asks if her mother believes that Burke is capable of murder. She does.

Memorable quotes Edit

Maggie: (to Carolyn and Joe) Hi, kids.

Elizabeth: Miss Evans. Do you know what kind of man you're dealing with?
Maggie: All I know, Mrs. Stoddard, is that my father and Burke used to be good friends.
Elizabeth: Do you think that matters to him now? Do you think he'd let friendship stand in the way? Burke Devlin's goals are set for him. What they are, heaven knows, and I don't know how he expects to achieve them, but I do know this. Nothing's going to stop him. He'd lie, cheat, and even slander an innocent man.
Carolyn: What about murder? Mother, I asked you a question. Do you think Burke is capable of committing murder?
Elizabeth: Yes. Yes, I do.

Joe: So, what'll you have, Carolyn?
Carolyn: Oooh! Double champagne on the rocks. Only if you'll promise to drink it out of my slipper.
Joe: Well, it'd be kind of hard with those little strappy things you're wearing.
Carolyn: Practical Joe Haskell. The man with the literal mind.

Maggie: (at Collinwood) I'd always wondered what it was like in here. It seems so cold and dark on the outside. Well, Mrs. Stoddard, it's no different than this room.

Maggie: That's what gets me. It's your family he's after, not mine.
Carolyn: Burke isn't after anybody's family.
Maggie: You live in Collinwood and you can still say that?
Carolyn: Maggie. I wish I knew what you were talking about.
Maggie: Maybe nothing. But I think it's about time I found out for sure. Well, if you do see my dad... you can tell him that I decided to pay a visit to his companion in crime.

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Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

  • The grandfather clock in the Collinwood foyer makes a ping pong sound.
  • A ship sound effect is heard outside the Blue Whale.

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • As the camera closes in at the end of Act II, it bumps into a bit of scenery.
  • Joan Bennett flubs the line "For some strange reason" and it comes out as "for some strange region."
  • When Elizabeth greets Maggie, a camera shadow can be seen.

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