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October 15, 1968


October 8, 1968


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602 Gallery
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Nicholas informs Angelique that she can have Barnabas.


On this cold, clear night, one can hear the sound of the ocean at the great house of Collinwood, a sound which means peace to some but rage and fury to others. And in another house, nearer the sea, the emotion is rage--rage because one of the many plans conceived there is in danger of being stopped by a violent death.

Nicholas finds Angelique and stops her as she is about to bite Jeff. Nicholas removes the bite marks from Jeff's neck and makes him forget her. Adam, worried about Barnabas' plans, takes Eve down the spiral stairs to the basement of Blair's house (last seen in episode 594) and locks her in a room there. Nicholas informs Angelique that she can have Barnabas.

Memorable quotes[]

Adam: This is not a time for you and I to test each other.
Nicholas: May that day never come.
Adam: It will.

Adam: I've heard of your powers many times. Now it's hers?!

Eve: (to Adam) You're such a child.

Nicholas: Nothing is exactly as it appears.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • Roger Davis returns to the cast after an absence of 20 episodes.
  • Jeff's apartment set formerly served as Roger's office at the cannery, then the Seaview parlor, Barnabas' bedroom in 1795, the Collinsport gaol interview room in 1795, and presently Stokes' home. In this episode and 611, the entrance is at stage right, left of fireplace. However, in upcoming episodes, Eve and Adam will enter from a door at stage left (626, 627).
  • The green and brown afghan appears on Jeff's bed.


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • The shadow of the camera can be seen in the opening sequence as Nicholas confronts Adam.
  • As Angelique did in an earlier episode with Joe, she goes for the other side of Jeff's neck. Now he'll have two sets of bite marks to cover up - until Nicholas cleans him up, that is.
  • Since when did Jeff even like Nicholas? Unless that's part of Nicholas' spell? We didn't hear him say anything about that.
  • Do Nicholas and Adam really believe that getting rid of the scars will hide Adam from the police?

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