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Kathryn Leigh Scott


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October 9, 1968


October 1, 1968


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598 Gallery
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David sees Willie leaving the Collins mausoleum; later he opens the secret room, finds Maggie, and frees her.


A strange life or death experiment has been completed successfully, and the long night of danger for those who live at Collinwood is over. But at least one man believes that the success of the experiment must now be reversed, for he believes that the female creature brought to life in the Old House is evil incarnate.

Professor Stokes searches for Adam. David tells Stokes that he knew Adam was hiding in the West Wing. Carolyn finds them and sends David out while asking Stokes about Adam and his whereabouts. Maggie gives Willie the silent treatment. David sees Willie leaving the Collins Mausoleum, later he opens the secret room and finds Maggie. Willie returns later to find that David has let Maggie go.

Memorable quotes[]

Willie: I'm doing this for your own good, don't you understand? Because I care for you, because I don't want anyone to hurt you. I mean, Maggie, I never treated you bad, did I? I never treated you bad like Barnabas did. I never put you in a coffin, did I? I'm not a bad guy!

Willie: Look, get mad at me, yell at me, do anything you want, call me names, I don't care, but just say something, Maggie!

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 596.
  • David Henesy returns to the cast after an absence of 56 episodes.
  • A dark vertical band can be seen on the left of the screen affecting one camera.


  • INTERNAL MONOLOGUE: David: Why was Willie in the secret room?
  • TIMELINE: Adam went away from Collinwood last night at 6pm. David has known about Adam living at Collinwood for a long time. It's afternoon. It was last night when the experiment was completed (i.e. the early hours of this day).

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • David has never appeared on-screen with Adam since he learnt to talk, yet here he is shown to be aware that Adam was hiding in the West Wing. The only time they have been seen together was when Adam scared him in 495.
  • When David and Professor Stokes talk about Adam, someone off-camera can be heard snapping their fingers twice, either to get someone's attention or to signal Nancy Barrett to get ready to enter the room.
  • The conversation between Carolyn and Professor Stokes reveals that Stokes told Barnabas where Adam was hiding and that Barnabas at some time had brought this up with Carolyn. Neither of those things were ever shown on the show. One could argue they were incidents that happened off-stage, but they would be major plot elements that would usually have been portrayed.
  • Based on her conversation with Professor Stokes, Carolyn seems to have completely forgotten the experiment to create Adam a mate . While we have seen that Nicholas Blair seems to have wiped Carolyn's memory of her part in the experiment and her own death and resurrection, Carolyn still remembered the experiment based on her discussion with Barnabas after the first experiment failed with her. As with the other continuity problems mentioned above, one could argue Nicholas's second mind-wipe could have happened off-stage, but also once again, this is a major plot point that warrants further dramatization or explanation.
  • After Willie closes the door to the secret room in the mausoleum and he pauses on the outside of it, the door is lightly ajar.
  • David just recently had a big scare while trapped in the secret room but deliberates only a minute before heading into the room.
  • At the beginning of Act III, as we see the establishing shot of the Old House, the final note of the previous act's stinger music is heard before the music for the new scene begins.
  • Interesting that David sees Willie leave the secret room, then find Maggie Evans gagged and tied and never says another word about it given he was trapped in the secret room and subsequently realizing Barnabas was a vampire.
  • Now that the experiment is over and it's the next day, it seems odd that Barnabas and Julia seem to have no interest in dealing with Maggie given that her memory has returned (and even though Julia previously failed to hypnotize her).
  • Whilst Willie is talking to Professor Stokes, the edge of the blue sky scenery outside the front door of the Old House can be seen behind him.

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