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September 24, 1968


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Maggie remembers more about what happened to her when Barnabas held her captive.

Synopsis Edit

A cloudy windless night, and those who sleep in the great house at Collinwood do not dream their lives are in danger. But two men know, and in the Old House on the estate they meet. And one who six months ago did not even know his name is now giving the orders.

Maggie recognizes that she is being held in the Collins Mausoleum, but Willie still refuses to let her go. Maggie tells Willie that she hates him, and will never forgive him. This visibly upsets Willie, but he is unable to explain why he had to kidnap her. He drugs Maggie so he can leave to get food.

Adam tells Barnabas that Carolyn will provide the life force.

Memorable quotes Edit

Adam (to Barnabas): I remember a day when you controlled both me and Willie.

Adam: (to Barnabas) How could you hate yourself so much that you wanted to change your body?

Adam: You must not use violence with Carolyn.

Nicholas: I have a way with people, Adam.

Willie: Hey, you know just about everything, doncha?
Nicholas: I am much too modest to admit that.

Maggie: (after waking from a dream) Barnabas, Barnabas! Why? Why was I afraid of Barnabas? Because everything that happened that night... it actually happened. I remember... that evening... I was terrified! Why?!

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  • The shadow of the boom mic, then the mic itself, are visible in the scene with Barnabas and Adam.

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