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September 17, 1968


September 11, 1968


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Barnabas decides that Maggie will be the life force for the experiment; this angers Willie, who plans to destroy the body so Maggie will not be used.


There are many secrets at the great estate of Collinwood, secrets that sometimes demand action, and one of them lies on an operating table in an old house on the estate. It is a lifeless body which may someday walk, and on this night, an attempt is being made to bring it alive, but by a man who does not have the right to do it, using a woman who knows she must give life to the body in order to escape the punishment to which she has been sentenced. And if they succeed, they will create more terrible problems than they have solved.

Barnabas catches Jeff conducting the experiment; Angelique disappears before Barnabas sees her. Barnabas tells Jeff he can no longer be part of the experiment, and orders him to leave the lab. Barnabas decides that Maggie will be the life force for the experiment; this angers Willie, he plans to destroy the body so Maggie will not be used.

Memorable quotes[]

Barnabas: Julia, you're such a romantic.
Julia: I used to be perhaps, but I don't really think I am anymore.

Barnabas: I have decided that the body that gives the life force will be Maggie Evans.

Julia: Barnabas, just when I've gotten so I...I believe you've changed, then you say something like this, and you sound so like the old Barnabas.
Barnabas: You don't like to be reminded of him, do you?
Julia: I don't like knowing how cruel you can be.

Julia: There's no mystery about it, Willie. We're going to bring that body to life.
Willie: Not with Maggie Evans you ain't!

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 583.
  • There are no actor or crew credits for this episode.


  • TIMELINE: There are three days left, four at the most before the body for the mate begins to decompose.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • Lara Parker flubs, "Tonight... tomorrow night!"
  • In the teaser, Jeff takes off his coat and works in just his shirt. After Barnabas orders him to leave the Old House cellar, he does so, leaving his coat behind. In the very next scene when Angelique finds him in the woods, he is miraculously wearing his coat again.
  • In Act I, shortly after Barnabas has made Jeff stop the experiment equipment, he says, after looking at the teleprompter, "Someone has...", but he is still standing at the experimental body on the table, not the table Angelique was on. Jonathan Frid then goes over to the empty table to finish the line: "...they've been on this table."
  • Roger Davis flubs a line: "If you want to believe that...I wanted to make...some danger or anything happen to Vicki...then it''s only what you want to believe."
  • Jonathan Frid messes up his line, “Making this has been the most unpleasant thing I’ve ever had to do. But now comes an even more pleasant — unpleasant part.”
  • When Julia is in the Old House cellar and says she doesn't feel like working any more tonight, someone calls out, "Steve!" Also, it sounds like Barnabas says, "I understand, Julie" rather than "Julia."
  • When Julia prepares to leave the Old House cellar and starts taking off her coat, then stops suddenly, the music cue starts too early and then stops before starting again.
  • John Karlen stumbles on Barnabas's name when he's talking to Julia, referring to him as "Barnas...bas."
  • How is the life force being transferred?!?!?!? Nobody is hooked up to anything!!!  :-)

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