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September 10, 1968


August 31, 1968


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Elizabeth enlists Tony's services in order to make changes to her will.


In a bedroom at Collinwood, one woman, victim of a witch's plot, dreams the most hideous nightmare of all, that she is in a coffin and that all her family thinks her dead; that she lies paralyzed, unable to speak; and that soon her own funeral services will begin.

Elizabeth wakes from the nightmare and Carolyn tries to convince her that everyone is concerned and no one wishes her harm. Still afraid, Elizabeth phones Tony Peterson and asks him to meet her in private.

Carolyn visits Adam, who notices her depression and tries to comfort her. Carolyn tries to explain that people are often more complex than what he reads in books. Adam reveals he thinks of Carolyn while she is away, and even pretends she is playing chess with him in his room. Carolyn is unsure what to make of this.

Elizabeth meets Tony, where she makes some disturbing changes to her will, such as a buzzer being installed in her coffin, should she be buried alive. Tony is disturbed by the changes, but agrees to honor his client's request. He later meets Carolyn on the terrace, where he apologizes for his dalliance with Cassandra and renews his romance with Carolyn. They kiss passionately, but are overseen by Adam. After Carolyn bids him goodnight, Adam attacks Tony and knocks him to the ground.

Memorable quotes[]

Elizabeth (attempting to call her lawyer on the telephone): I'd like to speak to Mr. Garner, please. This is Mrs. Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. Thank you.... What do you mean he can't talk to me?! Did you tell him it was Mrs. Stoddard?! Well, I don't care whether he can be disturbed or not! You tell him if he doesn't call me back within the hour, he needn't bother calling ever!

Carolyn: Good evening, Adam.
Adam: Good evening! I don't think I remember your name.
Carolyn: What?
Adam: Well, it's been so long since you've been here. I do remember a woman with long blonde hair. I was trying to remember her name.

Adam: How can you have been on Earth so long and know so little?
Carolyn: I don't know how you can have been here such a short time and learned so much.

Tony: (to Carolyn) Every time I come to this house, it seems there's a new problem. I sure don't envy you your family.

Dramatis Personae[]

Background information and notes[]



  • Elizabeth's changes to her will come directly from the short story "The Premature Burial" by Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Tony's telephone number is 4099. This number has also been used for Professor Stokes's phone as well as that of Collinwood itself. Even so, it's clear that Elizabeth does not dial that number when she calls Tony.
  • INTERNAL MONOLOGUE: Elizabeth: Scream; Carolyn: Why aren't things simple?
  • TIMELINE: Elizabeth wants the will tomorrow from Tony. Elizabeth has been experiencing thoughts of death for months (the curse started in 513).
  • This episode has the first mention of the Collins family lawyer, Richard Garner, since his last appearance in episode 246.

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • In the reprise of the previous episode, Elizabeth's and Carolyn's clothes have changed, and the green blanket that covered Elizabeth's bed has been replaced by the Collinsport Afghan.
  • Joan Bennett and Jerry Lacy can momentarily be seen waiting for their first scene to start.
  • When Tony goes to Elizabeth, a boom microphone shadow appears.
  • During the scene in Adam's room, the camera briefly wobbles.
  • When Carolyn is sitting on the terrace thinking about reading the book on Freud, a shadow moves behind her.
  • There is a loud clang when Tony meets Carolyn at the terrace.
  • In the final scene, when Adam attacks Tony, the 'grass' carpet appears disheveled.

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