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September 5, 1968

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Angélique, who continues to meddle in the relationship of Maggie and Joe, eavesdrops as Nicholas learns that there need be a Life-Force if the experiment is to be a success.



The night is silent and seemingly peaceful. Those who live in the Great House at Collinwood are unaware of the drama that is unfolding not far away. In a majestic old house by the sea an evil woman cursed to live only by night waits for a man she has summoned. And in a cottage on the other side of Collinsport a young woman will soon make a heart-breaking discovery.

Nicholas “comforts” Maggie by patting her condescendingly and offering her explanations for Joe’s absence. Joe arrives at Angélique’s, where he tells her he doesn’t want to be here. Maggie wonders what is wrong with Joe; Nicholas speculates that it may be an ‘unpleasant aftereffect’ of his accident (530), which Joe has denied to Maggie (573). Maggie says if Joe doesn’t cough up some answers for his unpleasant behavior soon, it may be too late.

Angélique continues to manipulate Joe, who wants to return to Maggie. Angélique purports to like Joe for reasons beyond her bloodlust. Joe is reluctant to return to Angélique the following night; she bites him to assure his return.

Maggie visits Joe in the morning; he’s sick and his eyes are hurt by the Sun. He again asserts that his illness has nothing to do with his concussion. Maggie asks him if there’s another girl and he swears there isn’t. Maggie has received another call from Joe’s boss; Joe’s missed 'a lot' of days of work in ‘the last two weeks’ and is in danger of being fired. He refuses to call his boss because he doesn’t know what to tell him. Maggie is more sorry than Joe about the situation.

Willie visits Maggie, who doesn’t have much time but invites him in anyway. He tells her that everything’s going wrong at the Old House. Nicholas arrives, causing Willie to start and slowly bolt. Nicholas recognises Willie, and Maggie repeats Willie’s remark to him. Nicholas picks up his painting but has a sudden reason to return home. He says his guests may become new patrons of Maggie’s and implores her to call him by his first name. She is intrigued and coquettish.

Angélique and Nicholas sit silently until 11PM; she asks if his plans are stalling with a hint of hate in her voice. She talks about the experiment but he evades her questions. When the clock strikes, he sends her to her room. Nicholas casts the mirror’s reflection to Willie’s room. Willie wakes up and Nicholas talks to him. Willie is scared but answers Nicholas’s questions. He learns that Jeff Clark is involved in the new experiment, as he was in the Old. Nicholas learns that Barnabas was involved as the ‘Life Force’ in the first experiment. Willie doesn’t understand but explains how Adam became alive. Nicholas realizes that they must have another ‘Life Force’ for the second experiment. Nicholas is pleased; Angélique overhears.

Memorable quotes

Dramatis personae

Joel Crothers as Joe Haskell

Kathryn Leigh Scott as Maggie Evans

John Karlen as Willie Loomis

Lara Parker as Angelique

Humbert Allen Astredo as Nicholas Blair

Background information and notes

  • Joe lives in apartment #24

Continuity and mistakes

  • The shadow of the boom microphone can be seen briefly in several scenes.

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