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September 2, 1968


August 26, 1968


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Tom is staked, but his coffin disappears.


It is almost dawn at the great estate of Collinwood, a dawn filled with the promise of death, for in an old house on the estate, one woman struggles for her life while one man attempts a last effort to save her.

As Barnabas is about to be bitten, the dawn arrives. Tom chokes Barnabas unconscious; when he comes to, Barnabas finds Tom resting in his coffin and stakes him. Julia thinks she's dying in the light and forces Elizabeth to close the curtains; when Tom is staked, she reacts.

Nicholas visits Tom’s coffin. Julia demands a mirror and examines her throat, the bite marks have now vanished. Barnabas tells her Tom is dead, and feels he doesn't deserve her thanks.

Roger comes looking for Elizabeth, unhappy that she's not been home all night. Roger and Barnabas find no coffin, Nicholas has moved it. Barnabas resolves to find the vampire responsible for changing Tom.

Memorable quotes[]

Barnabas: (as he looks at Tom resting in his coffin) Did someone ever look at me as I now look at you? No, no, or I would not be alive now.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • First episode narrated by Don Briscoe.
  • A dark vertical band can be seen on the left of the screen, affecting one camera.
  • There is a tape edit when Barnabas and Roger are walking in the woods to the crypt.


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • One of the stone "pillars" wobbles as Barnabas struggles with Tom.
  • Joan Bennett accidentally refers to Julia begins to say "Dr. Coff--" before correcting herself to say "Dr. Hoffman."
  • As Tom lies in the coffin, Don Briscoe's chest is moving up and down.
  • Just before Barnabas stakes Tom, Don Briscoe's eyes open - probably so he will know exactly when to scream.
  • Right before Nicholas opens Tom's coffin, there is a lot of off-stage noise.
  • Julia aims the mirror at the left side of her neck to see if the vampire bites are gone, but in some episodes, Tom was biting her on the right side of her neck.
  • Barnabas is wrong when he tells Julia that she has saved his life so many times. She only helped save his life once, when Trask's ghost immured him. Josette's ghost weeping in the Old House basement gave Julia the signal where Barnabas was trapped, but Willie did all the work breaking down the wall to free Barnabas.
  • Before Roger leaves to see if there is a coffin in the crypt, Barnabas says he will accompany him but will check on Julia and get his coat first. Presumably his coat is in Josette's room since he was wearing it there when he returned to see Julia after destroying Tom, and it is not hanging on the coat rack in the foyer. However, Barnabas comes back downstairs with no coat, and Roger says, "Oh good, you're ready."
  • When Barnabas and Roger are walking in the woods to the crypt, it is morning, but the set is dark as night.
  • In Act IV, after Roger goes to talk to Julia and while Barnabas and Elizabeth are talking, a boom mic shadow moves up and down on Barnabas's arm.
  • While Julia and Barnabas are talking at the end of the episode, there is a lot of off-stage noise.
  • Barnabas assumes that the vampire that turned Tom Jennings is male; in fact, it was Angelique. [This is not a blooper but merely an incorrect assumption on Barnabas's part.]

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