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Grayson Hall


Ron Sproat


Lela Swift


August 28, 1968


August 21, 1968


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Barnabas prepares to destroy Tom with silver bullets.

Synopsis Edit

On this night the great house of Collinwood is serene, but beyond it, in the Old House on the great estate one man is about to make a terrifying discovery, one which will change the course of his life and place him in greater danger than he has ever known.

Barnabas explains to Jeff his reasons for creating a mate for Adam; Roger tells Barnabas he needs to see Julia because Elizabeth has escaped. Barnabas fills Julia in on Jeff's break-in. Julia wonders if she can make it through another night.

Jeff agrees to help with the experiment to protect people; his skills are useful. Barnabas stays with Julia, who becomes frightened as the sun sets. Tom comes to Julia, who protects him from Barnabas. Tom vanishes; Barnabas goes to the window and while he’s looking for Jennings, Julia escapes.

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  • Barnabas: Do you want Vicki to die?

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  • A dark green vertical band can be seen on the left of the screen affecting one camera.

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