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August 26, 1968


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Willie finds Julia passed out. She tries to hide that Tom has bitten her.


There is an ominous silence that pervades the great house at Collinwood whenever danger is present. It is present on this night, but only two people know of this danger and the terrifying form it will take. Only two people know that Collinwood is threatened once again by a member of the living dead. Barnabas Collins knows and will spend this night searching the woods, trying to root out this danger and destroy it. And in the Old House on the Collins estate, Julia Hoffman knows but does not realize that she will soon come face-to-face with it.

Julia has been attacked by the newly vampiric Tom Jennings and Willie finds her; she asks Willie not to tell Barnabas about her passing out, and he agrees. She returns to Collinwood, and knocks at the front door, rousing Mrs. Johnson. She is upset that nobody apprises her of their whereabouts and is annoyed when Julia ignores her.

Barnabas learns from Willie that Julia has gone back to Collinwood. Julia orders her room darkened and she is to have no visitors or calls. Barnabas stops by and gives Mrs. Johnson a note, which Julia promptly rips up. Willie gets into Julia’s room and she throws him out. Later, Tom lurks outside Collinwood and summons her.

Julia leaves the mansion, walking right past a perplexed Mrs. Johnson, whom she ignores. She's compelled to go to Tom, who bites her again. When Julia returns to Collinwood, Barnabas is there. He doesn't believe her stories and wants answers. He suddenly yanks the scarf off her to discover the telltale bite marks on her neck.

Memorable quotes[]

Mrs. Johnson (after letting Julia inside the house late at night): Fine thing, not even a thank you.

Mrs. Johnson (in reference to Julia): She doesn't know if she's sick or if she's not.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]


  • Clarice Blackburn returns to the cast after an absence of 23 episodes.
  • One of the cameras is going out (slightly green, out of focus).


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • In the teaser, there is a sound effect of crackling leaves as Barnabas walks in the woods, but when he stops and looks around, the sound effect continues.
  • Similar to the end of the previous episode, in the teaser, Julia hears a clunking sound that seems to be Tom Jennings coming into the basement (though in the previous episode the sound was footsteps), but we see the partially lighted figure of Tom already standing behind her.
  • In the previous episode, Julia told Barnabas before he left that she was going to finish up and go home; in this episode, Barnabas tells Willie that he thought she was going to be working late.
  • In Act I, Jonathan Frid seems to forget his lines. When Willie says Julia made him promise he wouldn't tell him (Barnabas) anything, Barnabas says, "Look..." Then there is a very long pause as Willie looks at him. Then Barnabas says, "She...about what?"
  • Julia's room at Collinwood is seemingly not the same one as before the 1795 storyline.
  • When Barnabas arrives at Collinwood, it's not clear why he knocks on the front door and then immediately lets himself in.
  • Julia threatens Willie with telling Mrs. Stoddard that he was in her room, but Liz has not yet returned from Windcliff. [Addendum: Julia tells Willie he wouldn't want her to tell "Miss," not "Mrs." Stoddard, referring to Carolyn.]
  • When Julia looks at the window as the dogs howl, while the still shot of the full moon is showing, there is a loud clanking noise.
  • When Tom bites Julia, neither he nor Julia removes her scarf, and Tom appears to bite her through it.
  • In Act IV, when Willie tells Barnabas he's worried about Julia and the howling dogs, Jonathan Frid seems to forget his line. He hesitates, says, "Well," and then turns to the teleprompter and says, "how did Julia look when you saw her?"
  • In Act IV, Don Briscoe and Grayson Hall step on each other's lines. As Tom is telling Julia that she must come to him every night, Grayson Hall starts saying "Yes" twice while Tom is still talking.
  • In Act IV, after Barnabas enters the Collinwood foyer, an off-stage clanking sound happens twice.

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