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August 23, 1968


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565 dark shadows
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Tom rises as a vampire and claims his first victim.

Synopsis Edit

A race against time at Collinwood, for night has come and with a new threat, the rising of a new vampire. One man has risked his life and his reputation to end the vampire's career before it can start. And in the Old House on the estate, one woman waits to learn the result.

Barnabas suspects Cassandra's involvement in Tom's ailment; Julia says she can't do the experiment without Barnabas. Victoria has to go see Barnabas, aggravating Jeff. Barnabas gives Victoria her engagement ring, which he purports Willie found in the woods.

Julia finds something in Lang's journal that requires Barnabas' attention. Meanwhile, as Victoria is staring at her ring, she remembers being alone for a long time in a room by the sea. Jeff suspects Barnabas, who goes out to look for Tom. Julia is alone with the Journal on the desk; later, she listens to some jazzy music in the basement.

Jeff Clark comes to the Old House while Julia is downstairs; he lets himself in and finds Lang's journal. After reading it for a while, he regrets and laments. Julia and Barnabas' cover story is that they're writing a book about Dr. Lang; Jeff finds the idea laughable. When Jeff leaves, Julia believes she's alone, but she's being watched by Tom Jennings, who is now a vampire. Tom bares his fangs and Julia screams...

Memorable quotes Edit

Barnabas: Thank God, you're here. Just as I walked in the darkness a short time ago, tonight another vampire walks.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

  • The song playing on the radio is The Jackie Gleason Orchestra's version of Gershwin's "Love Is Here to Stay".

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • In the first scene, as Jeff paces the room, just as he goes to sit down on the couch someone off camera coughs. This occurs before the front door has opened and Victoria enters.
  • It is stated that Jeff spent three days looking for Victoria. However the on-screen passage of time between 552 to 559 indicates she was missing for only two days.
  • While Julia is writing a note for Barnabas, she hears loud footsteps twice, which are supposed to be those of Tom Jennings, but Don Briscoe can be seen in the back immobile all this time.
  • When Julia tells Barnabas that he is the other part of the plan to bring the body to life, she stumbles over the line and starts to tell him he is the only part of the plan.

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