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August 19, 1968


August 5, 1968


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Julia prepares to start the experiment and has Willie find dead bodies to use.

Synopsis Edit

The residents of Collinwood, on this night, are unaware of dangers that exist elsewhere. Joe Haskell has accepted an invitation to go to a strange house by the sea. In that house, to his surprise, he has found a frightened, desperate girl. He does not know the danger she represents; for in reality she is one of the living dead.

When Joe comes to, he sees Nicholas and learns that Angelique and he have put him up to a trick. He realizes he's her slave and he has to come up with lies for Barnabas and Maggie; Nicholas gloats.

Barnabas returns from Collinwood, where he called Joe's house and the Cannery, and tells Julia of the incidents from last night. Joe frets over Angélique; Barnabas visits him and notices his paleness, which Joe attributes to a too-early release from the Hospital. The phone rings, and Joe admits it's Maggie and he’s reluctant to talk to her... he also refuses a doctor. Barnabas wants Julia to examine Joe, but realizes the experiment comes first.

Willie continues to worry about his upcoming tasks; Blair pays a visit to Barnabas, explaining that he and Joe got carried away drinking and telling stories. Angelique learns how to summon her victim, Joe, who tries to resist. He fails, and on his way he catches Willie digging a grave.

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Angelique: Would you mind if I put my head on your shoulder for a moment?

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • The Collinsport Fly lands on Joe's telephone, seemingly to answer the ringing telephone, but nobody, including the fly, answers it.
  • The telephone in Joe's apartment does not have a dial.
  • As in the previous episode, Willie backs into a pillar in the Old House, and the pillar wobbles.
  • Wouldn't Barnabas immediately notice the symptoms/behavior of someone bitten by a vampire?

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