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Adam, Barnabas, and Julia reach an agreement which will result in the creation of a mate for Adam.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The fate of Victoria Winters rests with a strange man named Adam, who now holds her hostage. In the Old House on the Collins estate, Barnabas Collins knows what has happened to Vicki, and who is responsible, but he is powerless to do anything about it. And so he must wait anxiously as another man makes a final effort to reason with Adam, in the hope that he will spare Vicki's life.

Stokes tries to get through to Adam by comparing his kidnapping of Victoria to a hypothetical kidnapping of Carolyn; Julia reports that she couldn’t see Tom but that he was attacked by a vampire from how another doctor reported it.

Barnabas tells Julia that he doesn't think Stokes is involved in the kidnapping; Stokes makes it clear that he talked to Adam but isn't sure of how their talk affected him. The trio agrees that they all suspect Nicholas Blair but they can’t figure out why; Stokes pities Adam's being used.

Adam begins to doubt his works with Blair; he wants to return Victoria to Collinwood. Nicholas smarms Adam out of thinking the incident is between him and Barnabas and shouldn’t involve Victoria.

Barnabas and Julia regret not killing Adam; he tells them Stokes tricked him and the plan will go forward. Julia reluctantly agrees that the experiment is the only way.

Barnabas demands that Adam release Victoria prior to beginning the second experiment; he agrees but says if the experiment fails, he will kill not only Victoria but the entire Collins family one by one.

Memorable quotes[edit | edit source]

Adam: If you don't keep your word, or if you try to trick me, I will get Vicki again and I will kill her, and I will not stop with Vicki.
Barnabas: What do you mean?
Adam: I will turn on everyone in your family, on everyone who bears your name, and I will kill them one by one!

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