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August 12, 1968


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Adam gives Barnabas an ultimatum, either make a mate for him or Victoria will die.

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Fear stalks the great house at Collinwood, for Victoria Winters has been missing for over 24 hours. She is in great danger, for she's been locked in a room in an isolated house by the sea. She is the prisoner of a man with a diabolical scheme, a scheme that will bring terror and destruction to everyone he contacts.

Nicholas outlines his plan for Adam and his master race; Angelique poses as Nicholas’ secretary to answer the Deputy’s questions. Angelique is about to bite the Deputy when Nicholas comes in and scolds her; the Deputy says that Tom won't come out of his coma.

Victoria is frightened by the apparition of Angelique, convinced she’s not real. Angelique tells Victoria that they’re stuck in a pocket of time between the past and the present; Victoria doesn’t believe her. Angelique says if Victoria gives her her engagement ring, she can take it to "the man Vicki loves" as proof that Victoria's alive.

When Victoria complies, Angelique says she knows no Jeff Clark, only Peter Bradford. Victoria goes bonkers. Nicholas gives Adam the engagement ring with orders to take it to Barnabas; he does so, and tells Barnabas that if he doesn’t create him a mate, Victoria will die.

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  • Nicholas: Don't plead with me, my dear. You know how much it bores me.

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