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Nancy Barrett


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Sean Dhu Sullivan


August 9, 1968


July 26, 1968


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555 Gallery
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Nicholas opens the coffin in the basement revealing that Angelique is now a vampire.


The residents of Collinwood on this night are terrified, for Victoria Winters has disappeared. One man is about to find her, but this discovery will place her in an even greater danger.

Adam reports that Carolyn has begun bringing him food again; Adam says he lied to her and he doesn't like lying. Nicholas suggests that they move Victoria to another location, his house.

Nicholas tells Carolyn that Adam didn't have anything to do with Victoria's disappearance. Jeff tells Carolyn that Tom has received a transfusion and didn’t have any enemies.

Nicholas plants doubts in Jeff's mind about Barnabas. Carolyn brings Adam some food, but tells him she cannot stay, as there may be news of Victoria. Adam tells her he understands, and after Carolyn leaves he lets Victoria out of the closet. Victoria is weak and tired, and asks him again why he has taken her. He tells her he has a reason, but will not tell her. He drugs her food, and she passes out. Nicholas carries her out of the room to an unknown destination. She awakens in a new place.

Nicholas gives Angelique permission to rise because he has further plans for her.

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  • There are no cast or crew members credited.


Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • Roger Davis mispronounces 'transfusion' as 'transfoo-fusion'.
  • In a scene in Adam's hiding place, the camera wobbles and a studio light can be seen.

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