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August 8, 1968


July 12, 1968


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A distracted Barnabas and Jeff search for Victoria and find Tom Jennings with bite marks on his neck.

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The darkness that shrouds Collinwood is particularly ominous on this night, for Victoria Winters has disappeared. Two men are searching for her through the forest that surrounds the great estate. One of them fears for her life. Another man is about to know another kind of fear. A fear that will mount to terror, the greatest terror he could possibly know.

Barnabas hears dogs howling, and asks Jeff if he hears them too. Handyman Tom Jennings pokes around Nicholas Blair's cellar at the house by the sea, making him very nervous and angry when Tom finds a coffin. Nicholas says he found it in the cellar there when he moved in.

After Tom leaves, Nicholas laments what now must be. Tom resolves to go to the Sheriff; before he can, he is stalked by someone unseen. Jeff hears Tom's womanly scream and thinks it's Victoria; instead he finds Tom Jennings with some marks on his neck. Nicholas says, "and so it has begun".

Barnabas is having a memory loss because of the dogs; Barnabas tells Julia about Adam's demands. She doubts that Adam could have cooked up a plan like that, unaware of how much he's learned. Barnabas and Julia realizes that Adam must know he’s an artificial life form.

Jeff Clark calls the police from Collinwood. Jeff's description of the wounds on Tom Jennings terrifies Barnabas and Julia. Julia accuses Barnabas of being the vampire; he swears he’s not. They realize that somewhere in their midst there is another vampire.

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Nicholas: Too bad you had to open that door, Jennings. I could almost pity you, knowing what must be in store for you now.

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