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Adam holds Victoria hostage in the west wing of Collinwood.

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Before the passing of another night a new and deadly force will strike terror in the hearts of those who live on the Collinwood estate. Within the great house a young man waits for Victoria Winters to return from a visit to the Old House. He waits. He is unaware that she will soon become a pawn in a terrifying game of revenge.

When Victoria doesn't come home from the Old House, Carolyn reminds Jeff how close she is to Barnabas and suspects that she has merely lost track of time. In reality, Adam has Victoria in the cobwebby west wing.

Jeff tells Barnabas that Victoria didn't come home; he instantly realizes what's what. Jeff and Barnabas go looking for Victoria, but spat the whole way. Barnabas again asks Carolyn where Adam is, she again stonewalls. He tells her Adam probably has Victoria because Victoria and Adam both had been to the Old House that night.

Carolyn is shocked and tries to cover. Carolyn asks Adam if he has Victoria; Adam denies it and reminds her that he has never lied to her.

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  • A large 'tree' rocks about quite noticeably as Adam grabs and picks up Victoria.
  • A boom microphone shadow can be seen as Adam lays Victoria onto the bed in the west wing. Shortly thereafter it appears again on Adam's forehead.
  • Barnabas has no electricity at the Old House, yet he has flashlights on hand for the search in the woods.
  • Jonathan Frid accidentally refers to Carolyn as "Vicki" when he questions her about Adam.
  • In the opening scene, Victoria and Adam are in opposite positions from the previous episode.
  • The closet in Adam's room, in which he hides Victoria, was not there in previous episodes. There was a brick wall in that spot.
  • Vicki broke her date with Jeff earlier in the day; so why is Jeff still in the Collinwood foyer several hours later?[Vicki Told Jeff in the previous episode to wait for her because she be right back after talking to Barnabas.]

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