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August 1, 1968


July 18, 1968


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549 Gallery
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Nicholas tells Adam that he must lie or cheat to get what he wants.


The long night of horror at Collinwood continues, for a witch has been turned human by her master. And human, dies in the arms of a man she vowed to rule. But no one can guess if death is truly the end or merely the beginning of some new mad scheme.

Julia and Barnabas find that Angelique's body is missing. Adam tells Carolyn of Cassandra's attempt to kill him, but she wonders if it was just a dream. Nicholas encourages Adam to be more forceful in his pursuit of Carolyn. Roger rents the House by the Sea to Nicholas. Adam tells Carolyn he loves her. She tries to tell him it's impossible, but he holds her captive and kisses her passionately. Nicholas moves Angelique's coffin into the basement.

Memorable quotes[]

Nicholas: I always hate denying something that I would do.

Nicholas: Adam, you must learn to take what you want!

Adam: I am a man.
Carolyn: We're not arguing that.

Dramatis personae[]

Background information and notes[]

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • A boom microphone shadow can be seen on the wall as Julia and Barnabas enter the Old House. One can also be seen on the wall as Roger and Nicholas enter the rental house that will become Blair House.
  • A shadow moves across the screen as Carolyn waits for Adam to unlock the door.
  • In the final scene with the coffin, a cable is clearly visible coiled next to the coffin and running to the wall. It is gone moments later when the credits run.

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